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Pepsi Refresh Project - $250G Awarded to Sophia's Cure Foundation

This project finished in the┬átop 2 in July, 2010. Sophia’s Cure Foundation was awarded $250K! View our Pepsi Refresh Project page.

There is true hope for SMA. The NIH has listed SMA as the Neurological disease closest to a cure, and as a gateway to curing other diseases. The research is so close that it could be in time to save the lives of many children. Unfortunately it is known as an Orphane disease and does not recieve enough money from companies. It would not be profitable for many companies to invest in research for a cure. Most funding is raised by the families affected by this disease. We would split the grant between 2 programs that can move into human clinical trials for a treatment of this disease within 2 years. Both are very promising and have actually shown the ability to cure the disease in an animal model. This grant will have a huge impact on changing the lives of these children and taking part in a miracle.

Since 2010, Sophia’s Cure Foundation has donated the full $250,000 grant to the SMA Gene Therapy Program at OSU and Nationwides by Dr. Brian Kaspar. We are dedicated in seeing this program get fully funded. Learn more.

Sophia’s Cure Foundation also allows donors to earmark where they would prefer their fundraising dollars to go, whether it be SMA Research or SMA Family support. for more information email

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