Get Every SMA Kid an iPad

Get Every SMA Kid an iPad

We are launching an incredible, amazing, spectacular campaign! Get every SMA KID an Ipad!

We have all seen how amazing Ipad’s are for our SMA Kids. Here is how it works anyone who sells anything on ebay can choose what portion of the proceeds go to our EBAY Store Sophia’s Cure Foundation.

Every single dollar that is raised through our EBAY Store will go towards purchasing IPAD’s for our kiddos. That’s right every single penny!  Let’s all do a Virtual Garage sale and get rid of some clutter in our lives!

You can choose what portion of the proceeds will go to us 10-100%. Go ahead tell your friends, your family, your neighbors to jump on board! Let’s turn some useless items into a wonderful experience for our kids. This will be an ongoing event! Get Involved!


  1. Hi! I am a fellow LIFER. I am also an EI therapist. One of my precious babies is 3 with SMA type one. I would love to find out more about getting her an IPAD, and what I can do to help! Write now we play games on my IPHONE which is pretty sensitive as well, just not very big!

    Thanks, Jackie

    P.S. Your daughter is beautiful and I love love love what you guys are doing for SMA!

  2. daniela esmella says:

    Hola, primero queria felicitarlos por la pagina y por su niña hermosa , ademas queria saber como anotarme para conseguir el ipad para mi hija, Camila tiene SMA tipo 1 , somos de Argentina … desde ya gracias y besos

  3. Please enter me in the ipad drawing 😉
    Nicole Type 3

  4. Please place me in the ipad drawing 😉
    Nicole Type 3

  5. My son has been diagnosed with SMA and is very bright….I see this is from 2011….are these still available? Can I get more information, please.

    Thank you Brock Austin

  6. Wow what a fantastic idea! I”m going to plug this like crazy!!!

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