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Take Some Sunshine Vitamin!

It is hard to imagine with the intense summer heat that fall and winter will soon be here, and along with it all those nasty winter germs.  Although Krista was home-schooled, I always dreaded the start of each new school year because I knew it was only a matter of time before her siblings would be bringing home all sorts of respiratory bugs. In my quest to keep the entire family healthy, I became interested in reading and learning about Vitamin D3. It seems that this vitamin isn’t just a … [Read more...]

What is the Amino Acid Diet?

What is the Amino Acid Diet? By: Mary Bodzo This information is based on opinions and experiences compiled from parents of children with SMA and should not necessarily be relied upon as an alternative to medical advice from professional healthcare providers. ABOUT THE DIET The Amino Acid Diet is a nutritional approach that many SMA families believe has had a positive impact on their child's quality of life. Using this dietary approach, milk and soy based formulas are eliminated and … [Read more...]

On the Amino Acid Diet…

Thank you so much Vincent and Catherine Gaynor for providing me with this opportunity to share information based on my experiences with diet and SMA. Because there has been so much recent discussion about the Amino Acid (AA) diet for SMA patients, for my first blog post, I decided to give a little background on the origins and evolution of the diet. My daughter, Krista, was diagnosed with SMA type 2 at 8 months. She never crawled, stood, or walked. I always had concerns about her nutrition … [Read more...]

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