In Memory of Sophie Kathleen TerHorst

We received the following letter the other day.....though Sophie was only here for a short while, she made a difference and inspired all around her.... Dear Vincent Some very dear friends of my wife and mine recently lost their daughter to SMA. Her name was Sophie Kathleen TerHorst. She was a beautiful little girl who brought tons of joy to the world in her short nine months with her family and friends. Sophie's fight with SMA shed light on the character of her parents, Mike and Liz, too. … [Read more...]

How do you measure a year?….

I would like to start this post by thanking everyone who believed in our family, all of you who believed in The Sophia's Cure Foundation and who have believed in the programs we have funded. 2011 was such an amazing year for our organization..............but in all honesty, I was looking past 2011 all year long because I knew what was in store for our children and family members who have been touched personally by Spinal Muscular Atrophy. To be quite frank.......I have been looking past this … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas…..

Sophia has been sick for a while now and last week we found out she has Serratia, pseudomonas, and Staph......again we say "Thank God for her Trach" all this has been manageable at home, and she has been in good spirits. Thank you for all the prayers for our sweet girl. Despite Sophia's Sickies we had a wonderful Christmas...This year Sophia really "Got it" and understood all about Santa and all the christmas magic....We made cookies for santa on Christmas eve and we put the kids in their … [Read more...]

Making Strides in our “little corner” of the Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) WORLD

We were deeply saddened by the loss of Diana Casares this past week. Diana was almost two years old and had SMA Type 1 like Sophia. the Casares's lived very close to us here in NY, and our families had become close friends ....Though Diana was not here very long, she made a huge difference to the SMA Community here on Long Island. Since Sophia's diagnosis Vinny and I struggled to find a local hospital that would be "on board" with the SMA protocol......over the years we heard horror stories … [Read more...]

Christmas Magic…………

I love Christmas....I love the decorating, the music the baking.......and as a child one of my favorite parts about Christmas season was going to see Santa!!!! I never thought this would be possible with Sophia...until yesterday....another blessing about having her Trach.....We decided last minute to head on over to Hicks Nursery in Westbury, I heard they had a Santa with reindeer and an animated Christmas walk through.  So I dressed Sophia in her special "going to meet Santa outfit" and we all … [Read more...]

Time to give thanks…….

We recently had another amazing photoshoot with Summer lyn of Summerlyn Photography.....Summer has been part of our lives since Sophia has been 7 days old, and has blessed us with amazing photos for us to treasure always. Since Sophia's Trach surgery we have been feeling a bit more adventurous and decided to take this particular photoshoot to the beach!!!!! Sophia is like her mamma and loves the beach, the water the sand, listening to the waves...she is definitely  a water baby :)...Of course we … [Read more...]

Wonderful Surprise!!!!!

We were contacted today by one amazing person, who has learned about SMA through following the journey of one amazing SMA kid..... Charleston Goeppert. This "person" who wants to remain anonymous, has been following Cash's SMA Journey ..Hope for Charleston... and was so inspired by him that they wanted to do something to honor his upcoming 2nd Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! This person will be donating the proceeds for an IPAD for an SMA KID in honor of Cash's second birthday!!!!!!!!! This literally … [Read more...]

Sophia’s Cure IPAD GIVEAWAY!!!

We are so excited to be giving away another IPAD!!!!!! This all became possible after we were entered into the Respironics contest....because of the overwhelming support for SCF they have generously donated the proceeds for this giveaway. Ok so enough already ...right!!!! Lets get on with this giveaway!!!! Here are the eligibility requirements: 1) There must not be an IPAD in the HOME 2) For SMA Kids/adults only Soooooo how to enter: 1) Comment on this blog post below please include … [Read more...]

Thank you for VOTING for SOPHIA……

We are so overwhelmed with everyones support in the recent Respironics contest. We received an email today that Sophia's video came in 2nd place!!!! Though the contest stated only 1st place would win the prize, Respironics was absolutely floored by the support for Sophia's Cure , and have generously decided to donate proceeds for an IPAD!!!! We are so excited that we are able to give away another IPAD to an SMA Kid!!! Thank you again for supporting us and for voting for SCF!!!!! Stay tuned for … [Read more...]

Vote For Sophia!!!

We are excited and honored to be in the running for Respironics "Partners in Ventilation" Please click here and Vote for Sophia's Video and share with your friends and family. We appreciate all the support. Voting ends Oct 28 ...Any prize money will be used to purchase IPADS for SMA Kids....Thank you for your continued support!!!! VOTE FOR SOPHIA … [Read more...]

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