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Knock Out SMASophia’s Cure Foundation has had some wonderful fundraisers going on in the past months. We would like to thank all the families who have reached out to us wanting to support and who believe in our small organization. When Vinny and I first discussed starting a foundation in honor of Sophia, we knew the two most important things to us was funding research that was based on CURING SMA and helping SMA Families. Thank you to the following organizations and families for their generous support.

Alpha Phi Omega out of Suny Cortlandt, NY had a benefit concert for Sophia’s Cure Foundation and raised $900. Thank you so much to Brittany DeBlasio for puting this together.

Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity out of Ames, IA recently had their annual food stand fundraiser and raised $400. The fundraiser was run by Michael Fosdick (the Uncle of Stella Turnbull) www.caringbridge.org/visit/stellaturnbull all funds were donated to Sophia’s Cure Foundation in honor of the beautiful Stella Turnbull and the Turnbull family will decide which research they would like to support.

The Knight Runners out of West Point, NY recently took up a collection and raised $131. The collection was headed by Dana White, she has donated the money in honor of the amazing Mary Nelson (www.miracleformary.com).

The Kennedy High School Key Club members recently spent the month of April selling Sophia’s Cure Cause bracelets and raised $2,749.54. They also volunteered their time at the Nassau County Strawberry Festival where Sophia’s Cure Foundation had a SMA Awareness Table, these amazing students sold cause bracelets and handed out fliers about SMA, they raised in total $500 for the day!!!!

The Gello Family recently hosted a brunch benefitting Sophia’s Cure Foundation. The day was a huge success and they raised $900!!!!!!

Also a special thanks to all the people on Facebook who have been choosing Sophia’s Cure as their “Birthday Wish”!!!!

Finally Sophia’s Cure Foundation was so happy and honored to have financially helped two SMA Families to go see their doctors in California. They will also be able to attend the FSMA conference at the same time. All expenses were paid for their travels and we hope this has made their lives a little bit easier. Safe travels!!!!!!

Please also don’t forget we are in the Pepsi Refresh Contest till the end of June, please go and vote everyday!!!!!

Also a special congratulations to Debbie Cuevas and our local FSMA chapter, their recent walk raised $60,000!!!!! Great Job!!

Thank you to everyone for all your amazing support and for believing in our mission! We cannot do this alone, but together we can do anything!!!!!!

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