Valentine Surprise from Dada…..

Vinny was up early and out the door, Sophia and I knew he was up to something….hmmmmmm after I finished treatment and got Sophia ready, daddy appeared in her room bearing gifts….VALENTINE GIFTS!!!! Sophia was so excited and wide eyed to see all her gifts from her Valentine, Vinny is so good at making Sophia feel included in EVERYTHING….he gently sat on the bed and asked Sophia if she would be his Valentine, (of course she said YES) then they proceeded to go through not one but two valentine’s day cards, a “kiss and hug bell” and her very own ROSES!!!!!! She didnt know what to look at first and had so much fun playing with her bell and looking at her flowers…..after all the excitement I walked into the living room to my very own surprise a dozen red roses and a very sweet valentine’s day card, I know to some people Valentine’s day may seem like a “halmark” holiday but in our very hectic stressful lives it was a very nice and fun distraction to the day to day routine, Thank you Vinny for making your “girls” feel so special, we love you !!!!!

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Mom to beautiful Sophia.... SMA Type 1


  1. Awesome! You guys rock!

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  3. …so sweet : )

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