Time to give thanks…….

We recently had another amazing photoshoot with Summer lyn of Summerlyn Photography…..Summer has been part of our lives since Sophia has been 7 days old, and has blessed us with amazing photos for us to treasure always. Since Sophia’s Trach surgery we have been feeling a bit more adventurous and decided to take this particular photoshoot to the beach!!!!! Sophia is like her mamma and loves the beach, the water the sand, listening to the waves…she is definitely  a water baby :)…Of course we are always nervous when going out, but we just take Sophia’s lead……and Summer is so patient we knew we were in good hands. We started our day at 5 am, Summer wanted us to capture the sunrise….we met at Long Beach, and saw there was no walkway to the water…well that didn’t stop Summer she grabbed one end of Sophia’s Stroller and Vinny grabbed the other and they carefully walked down to the water….nothing was getting in the way of showing my girl the ocean!!! Once Sophia reached her spot in the beach she completely relaxed…….she always has a quiet calmness when Summer is around and just knows what to do….to say the day was perfect would be an understatement, it was MAGIC….It was the first time in a long time we were able to have pictures of us holding Sophia, since she is Trached now we were able to capture that beautiful face again. And Vinny and I had a moment (trying to take pics in the water) where we just laughed…the kind of laugh that is uncontrollable and you cant stop…God that felt so good …we have not let loose and laughed like that in a long time…….The day was beautiful, memorable, just perfect……and we have the pictures to look back on and remember always!!!! Thank you Summerlyn, for your talent, your friendship and for loving our Sophia :)

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  1. I have followed your story since the beginning and truly appreciate you allowing us to peek into your world. These pictures are amazing! Summer really captures your family and the love between you all. It looks like not only will you have pictures to last forver but also memories of that beauitful day. I love the hand picture! I love all the pictures, but that one brought tears to my eyes. Thanks Catherine and Vinny, you continue to amaze be an be an amazing inspiration to many. Happy Holidays!

  2. Dear Gaynor Fam~!

    Loving all the pics~ so exciting and emotional~
    It was especially amazing and inspiring to see
    sweet Sophia going to the water in your arms~
    what a lovely day~!


  3. Maureen McDonald says:

    I looked seeing the pictures of all of you at the beach, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves so much. I was so happy to see Sophia laying on a blanket at the beach! Sophia being held by you and Vinny was truly inspiring. One of my favorites is Sophia laying on the blanket and Jackson looking at her–they are adorable. The family photos are truly amazing and Summer did a wonderful job. Love, Aunt Maureen

  4. Great pictures, baby j is getting so big! :)

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