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We received a letter on SophiasCure from a 9 year old girl who read Sophia’s Story and was instantly touched by it, I have to tell you this letter made me cry, it amazes me how this 9 year old girl became so determined to help my baby girl….She is simply amazing….here is her letter..

Dear Vincent and Catherine, I’m writing to you on 12/28/09.I found out about Sophia’s cure when me and my stepdad were at a pizza place.I almosted cried!I just wanted to say,I’ve been tring to let EVEYBODY know as much as I(a 3rd grader.)know about SMA and Sophia’s cure.I MAY have a sale for something.(I do not know.)But,if I do,I will make fliers about Soaphia’s cure.I will give them as bonus.By the way,I think Sophia is ADORIBILE I wish she was mine!:)So,I’m happy and sad for you.Happy because (again.) she is adoribile.Sad because she has SMA.Though,if you email something to my mom for me,(a task.)I’ll try to do it.Meaning,if you ask me to do something I’ll do my best to do it.At my grandma’s,we have a bank that holds $10 and when we opened it we (me, my sister and cousins.) each got $2.50,I’m going to give it to my stepdad to give to…YOU!!:)But I SWARE I will do ANYTHING for Sophia’s cure.If we find a cure,I hope Sophia can pick her head up and all the rest of the stuff she(or anyone.) can’t do wit h SMA.I will come up with more ideas and send them to you.Wow,I’ve writen so much.That’s how much I care about Sophia,you and the cure for SMA. From, Julia


  1. I wrote that!!!!

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