Sophia’s turning TWO final Birthday GIVEAWAY!!!!!

In less than one week our little miracle will be turning TWO!!!! We feel so blessed and so lucky we want to share this joy with everyone all month long….So the final prize is…………we have decided to giveaway an IPAD, for Sophia the IPAD has been an incredible resource and to stick with the theme (of Sophia turning two) we have decided to giveaway………………………………….. TWO IPADS!!!!! This Giveaway is from us and completely separate from the Ipads for SMA Kids campaign. We know, as many of you know, how much an IPAD changes an SMA kids life, and we want to spread the love!!!! We know Sophia would want nothing more than to help other SMA children for her Birthday. Ok so the criteria to enter this giveaway is:

Criteria to enter the IPAD giveaway:

1. You must be entering for your SMA Kid or be an SMA Kid.

2. You must not already have an IPAD.

How to enter the Ipad Giveaway:

1. Leave a comment below with name of the SMA Kid.

2. Also leave a comment on Sophia’s Cure Facebook Fanpage with the name of the SMA Kid.

Remember you need to do 1 and 2 to enter the giveaway, only 1 entry per SMA Kid. We will be choosing TWO WINNERS… Entries will end on Friday Feb 25 at 3pm est. We will video tape Sophia choosing the winner that night and Post!!!! Good Luck!!!! Post and Share so many SMA families can learn about this Giveaway!!!


  1. Kristin Banjany says:

    I’d love to win an iPad for my SMA Kid, Nathan Banjany!

  2. Llarell alejandro hernandez says:

    Llarell alejandro Hernandez Luna SMA TYPE 1

  3. Kristin Jennings says:

    February is a fabulous month for a birthday Miss Sophia!!! We’re so excited for you!!! Kendra would love playing with her very own IPad! We wish you a very happy birthday!!!

  4. Teri Taylor says:

    I love this!!!! You guys are incredible.

  5. Words can NOT express how much I would LOVE to give an iPad to Ben Grindle!!!

  6. Casey would love an ipad! He gets jealous when Colin gets to use the one from school :)

  7. My daughter Sydney is 8 with SMA and would LOVE the chance to receive and iPad. This would definetly give her more independence and freedom to do whatever she puts her mind to. Thank you so very much for the opportunity and most of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  8. Colin would love an ipad, too! He enjoys so many applications when his teachers bring him one from school to use :)

  9. Danielle Tyler-Barry (Karah's Mom) says:

    wow another giveaway!! some wonderful sma kid is gonna be very happy and lucky to win this!
    we would def appreciate the oppertunity to win one for Karah!

  10. Amanda Booth (Xander's mom) says:

    Xander (SMA type 1+) would love an ipad! Thanks so much!!

  11. Stacie Edwards says:

    Happy Birthday Month Sophia!! Hunter Edwards (age 7) – SMA Type 2 would LOVE an Ipad! He’s losing some independence with playing with toys, but computer stuff he seems to still be able to do very well! I’m sure he’d find all sorts of aps that would work great for him!

  12. Stacie Edwards says:

    Little brother Cody Edwards (age 4) SMA Type 2 is also learning his way around computers. I think it would be a great educational tool for him too!

  13. Dawn Bundy says:

    Wow! What a wonderful gift to 2 lucky kids! We would love to open up the world to Aiden with an ipad.

  14. I would give this iPad to Nathan Banjany!!! Love him!

  15. christina altman says:

    i would love to have an ipad for my sma kid Gabriella Lisacchi who will be turning 2 in april….that would be the greatest birthday gift for her that we have been wanting to get

  16. Kate and Greer Ramsay says:

    Greer, sma1, turned 2 1/2 yrs. old on the 17th, we know your joy and we celebrate with you! Greer would love an ipad. I have entered every contest I can find but no luck. Fingers crossed.

  17. Happy Birthday, Sophia! What a terrific milestone and miracle?? My son Logan Patrick turned 4 in October. He has SMA, type 1 as well. He would LOVE to win an IPad! Thanks for the opportunity!

  18. Cecilia Silva says:

    I would looove to give Abraham (type 2) the oportunity to have an Ipad!!…he tried it at Best Buy and loved it!!!

  19. peggy mcbee says:

    would love to win this for the love of my life nathan banjany i know he would have so much fun with it aslo happy birthday to your beauriful sophia

  20. I would like to enter this for friends of ours. The boys, Mike and Danny, both have SMA Type I (13 and 15 years old). Would love be able to present them with such a wonderful gift!

  21. I know gracee would love an I pad! We unfortunately could ever afford one, it is great what u are doing! awesome!

  22. Kari Vondrak says:

    Happy Birthday Sophia!!! Kennedi loves the IPad that she has practiced on at school and would love to have one to use at home. It would sure help with her fine motor skills – she would be so excited to have one!!!

  23. Kari Vondrak says:

    Happy 2nd Birthday Sophia!!! Jaycie would love to have an Ipad. She loves to use Mom’s Ipod and I have to pry it away from her some days. Celebrate being 2!!!

  24. Brooklynn loves to play with the IPad when ever we go to the Verizon store. Brooklynn will be turning 3 on March 1st and has SMA type II. Happy Birthday Sophia!

  25. Kari Vondrak says:

    Bentley wishes you a great 2nd birthday Sophia!!! I’m sure if she wins, she will have to share with her big sisters! :-) but we would all know it would be hers LOL!

  26. Entering for Madison Reed – my niece – sma kid type 1 14 years old. Total computer geek!

  27. Karen Shiesley says:

    Happy Birthday, Sophia. Grandson Kale would love an ipad. He is 9 yrs old and in 4th grade. Type 2

  28. Tina MacIntyre says:

    Adding our birthday wishes for Miss Sophia as she approaches that ever-important two-year milestone!!! Hayden MacIntyre, age 11 years, SMA Super I, would gain so much independence from having an iPad. Thanks for doing this!

  29. Kennedy Swann!! Happy Birthday, Sophia!

  30. Happy Birthday Big Girl!! we hope you have the best day ever!! xo

    Leah, Leah -pick Leah!! :)

  31. Laurie McKeown says:

    I would love to win an iPad for the benefit of Emily Rios

  32. Happy Birthday, Sophia! February is both of my princesses’ birthday month too, a great month! Arturo (age 5, SMA type two) would love an IPAD!

  33. Amira (age 2, SMA type two) would also love to win an IPAD! And she promises she would share it with her big brother too if she won! ;o)

  34. Cathy Hrubes says:

    Happy Birthday! Our SMA friend Kendra is lucky to have such wonderful parents and grandparents in her life..

  35. WHat an awesome idea!!! AYden would absolutely love to win an ipad!!

  36. Kimberley Hatchard says:

    I think you guys and Sophia are amazing! Happy early Birthday Sophia :) Good luck everyone!

  37. Kim Banach says:

    Happy Birthday Sophia! As Emma will be turning 2 in just two months I know how much of a miracle this birthday is for you. These girls are going to stick through this. I have been really wanting to get Emma and ipad I have heard they are a great resourse for SMA kids. God Bless. And have a wonderful Birthday.

  38. Cindy Henry says:

    Kaelan Henry would love an iPAD. I can just imagine the possibilities this would open up for him. God Bless!

  39. Cindy Henry says:

    Karlie Henry would also love an iPAD and promises she would share with her big brother Kaelan. :)

  40. Cassandra Imbus says:

    Happy Early Birthday Sophia. We would love to win an Ipad. We really want one for Izzabella Rodgers, we think it would help her out so much and just haven’t been able to afford one yet.

  41. Wow!! What an AMAZING GIVEAWAY FOR AN AMAZING TWO YEAR OLD GIRL PRINCESS SOPHIA!!! Our Princess Aubriana is also two years old and we would love for her to have an iPad of her own one day! Happy Birthday sweet girl!! Many blessings to you!!

  42. Melissa Dahl says:

    Much love and happiness for the Gaynor family!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL SOPHIA!! I am most definitely entering for my little buddy Ben Grindle!! He will turn 1 on February 23rd. Ben is sooo smart and gets bored :( All of Team Ben have been trying to win the i-Pad a day give away everyday, no luck so far. I admire the strength, courage and the constant strides to bring AWARENESS to SMA that I’ve seen from both The Gaynor’s and The Grindle’s. Since Ben’s diagnosis, I have yet to run into ANYONE, including doctors, that has any knowledge of SMA. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO! GO TEAM BEN! xoxo ~Keeping the Faith~

  43. Happy Birthday, Sophia! My Kevin has been hoping for an iPad! I’d love to be able to give him one. Blessings to you all!

  44. kate madera says:

    What an amazing family and what a give away. Vivianna used her teachers Ipad yesterday and with a little help she was able to use it. I was so thrilled for her. I would love to just surprise her with one. And if not her, I would love to see the faces of two other children when they receive their Ipads!!

  45. Kara Tarrence says:

    HOW EXCITING!!!!! HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY Sophia ~ you are a little miracle and such an inspiration to others! I would love to enter my beautiful daughter Addison Tarrence in the giveaway! She LOVES playing with her grandma’s IPOD touch so I know she would be over-the-moon if she got an IPAD! ~We hope you have a very special 2nd birthday Sophia! <3, lots of love from Iowa

  46. Ronda Cockerham says:

    Rayanna Seffens would love to win a IPad for her 5th birthday and Sophia’s 2nd!!! Rayanna (type II) will be celebrating on the 24th.

  47. Happy 2nd Birthday to Sophia!!!! It is incredible that you are celebrating by helping other sma kiddos. It would be amazing to win an IPad for my daughter, Ally. Ally also has Type 1 SMA and celebrated her 5th Bday on Februaury 2nd. Thank you for this chance for Ally and others in our sma community.

  48. Sharon Agli-Pageau says:

    Dear Princess Sophia, Happiest 2nd Birthday, beautiful girl! What a tremendous BLESSING to share your special bday celebration with the entire SMA Community! The loving kindness to extend an amazing opportunity to 2 very lucky SMA friends is truly a Gift that will last forever! My sweet son, Hunter (SMARD1, 5 yrs old) would be completely grateful to both receive your gracious IPAD, along with the learning/growth opportunities for him in enjoying it. GOD BLESS your entire family for your warm generosity!!! Inspirational….

  49. Stephanie Barnett says:

    Happy Birthday Sophia!!! I’d like Gavin Davis to win an ipad. Gavin has type 1 and will be 5 yrs old in April!

  50. What an awesome give a-way from an amazing family! I would love for my youngest son, Gavin Gilbertson, who has SMA to win one of these wonderful ipads! They are an amazing thing for these little ones…my hope is one day every child with SMA can have one! Happy 2nd Birthday to your beautiful Sophia!! Thanks so much for doing this wonderful give a- way!

  51. Not commenting to enter…already have one for Jake! But I wanted to say, in yet another place, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHIA!!!!!!

  52. We all want to wish you a happy 2nd Birthday. We are praying for you and will meet you when we go to NY in the summer. You have a great mommy and daddy. They are fighting really hard to find a cure…..Have a great day and ham it up beautiful little lady…..we love you……xoxoxoxo……

  53. Wow! How sweet of ya’ll! Happy Birthday to Sophia! We would love to enter Jocelyn Lee. Thank You!

  54. Beth Pruitt says:

    Happy Early 2nd Birthday Sophia! Hope its a wonderful day! I’d like to enter Dani for a chance to win an I Pad. What a wonderful idea!

  55. rashad bakker says:

    what a nice gift for the sma children,of course who is the lucky i let for the entry?happy birthday have a 2nd birthday and my son rashad,who has type 1 he just turn 11 years old.i think you both have the same birthday month.rashad will love to win an ipad.thank you……….love you.

  56. An Ipad would be incredible for Shira!!!! We are looking forward to the contest.

  57. JD and I want to wish all the SMA families good luck in the drawing! JD loves his iPad and wishes all his SMA friends get one for their own! “Team JD for SMA Kids” was set up to try to get “every” SMA Kid an iPad!
    So if you do not win this drawing for your SMA child, please remember we are still working on getting “EVERY SMA KID an iPAD”! We will work as long as it take! Please share with all your friends and family, with all of us on board we can get “EVERY SMA KID AN iPAD”! ……please visit and share…..

    Thank you for your support
    “Team JD for SMA Kids”
    Rhonda & JD

  58. stacey hickey says:

    My son Philip Struble would LOVE to win!!! Thanks so much!!

  59. Pam Pynenberg says:

    Happy Birthday!
    My son Caiden, my S.M.A Kid, would benefit greatly from an iPad! Good luck to everyone out there.

  60. Happy Birthday Sophia! Celebrate BIG!
    Isaac would love an iPAD. We’re still trying to get him going on the
    computer independently. (type 1, almost 10 years old!)

  61. Stephanie Mazzella says:

    Hi…Happy Birthday Sophia ! Miss Courtney Mazzella would love to have a I Pad…

  62. Christy Greene says:

    Sara Rose Greene would love an I Pad.
    Happy 2nd Birthday!
    Thank you for blessing two sma kids with this most awesome gift and may it improve quality of life for who receives this blessing.

  63. Cortney McDonald says:

    I would love to win this ipad for by sweet baby Reese. He will be three this year and he would love it. He is always wanting to play on his siblings hand held games and ipods, now he would have one of his own.

  64. Amanda Machek says:

    2!!!!! WOW!!!!! Getting to be a big girl Sophia :-) When Haylee turned 2 I felt had won the lotto she make it past the odds it is a bitter sweet day because though I was very Happy my heart broke because of all the children that didn’t make 2 and because a cure is not yet here. With family’s like your and so many others in our community that will NEVER give up SMA WILL go DOWN!! Sophia you have some wonderful parents and you are wonderful too…. Happy 2 hunny !!!!!! xoxoxo

    Haylee Hynes SMA type 1

  65. Happy Birthday Sophia. This is such a great giveaway. You guys are very thoughtful and kind. My daughter Madisyn would love an ipad. My dream is that one day that there will be no need for ipads for SMA kids because we found a cure

  66. marcy Fantel says:

    It is SO great that Sophia is turning 2! Congrats!
    It would be great if Ray won an iPad. Matt bought one from work but we are all using it and Ethan tends to take it.

  67. Happy Birthday Sophia!! Thank so much for doing this.

    Eden would love one. She turned 2 in December and has type 2.

  68. Happy Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Sophia! Scarlett would love her own I Pad. How cool!

  69. Kate Vogedes says:

    Happy Birthday Sophia! Leah would love an I Pad 😉

  70. Happy Birthday to Sophia from Alex Marshall.

  71. Kathleen Ochoa says:

    Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Sophia!!!

    How wonderful to share the joy with others! Please put an entry in for my daughter, Chloe!


  72. Happy B-day Sophia! You just won a big battle! We cheer you so you go on fighting in this big war! Hugs!

    I’ll like to submit Deirdre to the iPad giveaway! Her OT has been bringing one for his sessions for almost 3 months now so Deedee practices on it, but it would actually be much better if she owned her own! An hour a week is definitively not enough! Deedee is 3 and a half, and has SMA Type 1.

  73. kaelan and /or karlie henry would love to win and share an ipad. this is a wonderful thing to do for our sma kids, thank you. happy 2nd birthday to sweet sophia! lots of love and hugs.!

  74. I would love to win an ipad for Ashley Fox age 10 SMAII

  75. Ashley Sanchez mom of Destiny Hope says:

    happy birthday hope your Bday is filled with love , hope and fun ! Destiny is 11 and would love an iPad she homeschools and would make lessons so much easier for her .

  76. Melissa Cesark says:

    I would like to enter Danny Jones a boy with SMA who attends school with my son.

  77. Beckie Dillon says:

    My neice, Ariyana has SMA and would be speechless if she won an ipad. Happy Birthday and thanks for the great give to other children.

  78. Dawna Seavers says:

    Happy Birthday. Would love to win my daughter Sara and Ipad. She has been begging for one since they came out. Everytime we go to the mall she is in the Apple Store. Thanks for the opportunity. Love you guys.

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