Sophia’s milestones!!!

We were so excited a few months back to see that Sophia is able to tolerate being on a wedge for short periods of time, you see since Sophia has been six months old she could only tolerate being flat and her head to the side, other wise she would choke… but as she approached her second birthday we tried her on her therapeutic wedge and amazingly she was tolerating it. Of course we were nervous and monitored her at all times but she impressed us so much, we could also see she was enjoying her new view, because she was elevated we could see her looking around her room at everything she maybe wasn’t able to see before, as parents to an sma child Vinny and I couldn’t be prouder of our little girl, this milestone was so huge for Sophia and for us, to other parents watching their child take their first steps fills their eyes with pride and tears, but to us this was just the same. Sophia tries so hard everyday to try new things and even though we always take new things slow, she always surprises us with everything she can do!!! My dream one day is to maybe see Sophia be able to sit up and maybe drive a power chair, either way I am so proud of my “Pookah” !!! Sophia recently was measured and received her TLSO, this device supports her back while in an upright or somewhat upright position, here is Sophia wearing her new TLSO!!!!!

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  1. I love the butterflies! And its so wonderful to see Sophia sitting up. She so precious!

  2. Wonderful!!! That is great news.

  3. Laurie McKeown says:

    Sophia looks beautiful. I’m imagining her going into her amazing room all by herself!

  4. Michelle O'Dwyer says:

    Congratulations! I am so glad Sophia gets a different perspective on the world!

  5. Christine Hicks says:

    That’s wonderful. So proud of her.

  6. Donna Pittman says:

    Sophia is so beautiful! I’m an RN, and had the privilege of caring for a little boy with Werdnig Hoffman years ago. I was deeply touched by him and his family. Even though his progress was in tiny increments – each day was a triumph and a treasured memory for him and his parents. I have a 10 yr old son,who has Autism, but I feel tremendously blessed that he is healthy. Sophia will be in our prayers for her continued progress.

  7. Jen Peters says:

    She looks great on her wedge!! I am positive that Sophia will continue to surprise you 😉

  8. michele says:

    Dear Cath~
    ~*~*~ So encouraging !!
    You are such an awesome example of the power of love. a mother (and father vincent) ~
    can show their children~!!! Beautiful sophia is an example of courage for us all~
    just seeing her wearing the butterflies is so endearing and emotional….
    remembering mom.
    Our love and prayers are with you, always.

  9. I have come to fall in love with Sophia from your blog and I am so grateful that you share your life and your family with all of us strangers on the web. My prayers and thoughts are always with you and your awesome little girl. I hope she knows how much she is loved by people all across the world. Im sending my love from Brooklyn. xoxoxox.

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