Sophia’s is turning 2…. Birthday Giveaway

We are soooo excited for Sophia’s Birthday coming up, in 22 days!! We feel so blessed and so grateful that our little miracle is turning 2!!!!! We just want to celebrate all month, and because we feel so blessed we would like to give back… this giveaway is so much fun, Larkie Lu Bows will be giving away the signature “Sophia’s Cure Bow” AND a custom bow of your liking to the winner. How do you enter:

1. Comment under this post

2. Go to Larkie Lu Bows fanpage and leave a comment  about the contest (an additional entry)

Thats right if you do step 1 and 2 you will get TWO entries…..Contest entries end at 3 pm est on tuesday feb 8….We will videotape Sophia picking the winner that night!!! YAY….fun stuff for February!!!!!


  1. Julianne Keym says:

    Congratulations and keep on celebrating! Here are to many more birthdays for Sophia!

    • Brianna McDanel says:

      Happy 2nd Birthday, Sophia! You are a gorgeous little (Okay, not so little!) Princess, and I am so blessed to know you, Jackson, and you’re mommy and daddy! I love you! <3

  2. Angela Birkle says:

    How wonderful Sophia is turning 2! Wishing her and her family many more happy birthdays. xox

  3. Happy Birthday, beautiful friend!

  4. Morgan Saunders says:

    Your website looks BEAUTIFUL! Loving all the pink for Princess Sophia :)

  5. Cousin Patty says:

    Happy 2nd Birthday Sophia!! You are a beautiful girl!! Enjoy your special day!! Hugs to mommy and daddy!

  6. Cassandra Imbus says:

    Wow, that is exciting. Congratulations…Bella will be 2 in May…YAY!!!!

  7. So excited that Sophia is turning 2! Hoping for a cure in 2011!

  8. Happy birthday to Sophia! Praying for a cure!

  9. Happy Birthday to Sophia!! Your strength & courage is inspiring!

  10. Happy Birthday Sophia!!! Praying for a cure in 2011!!

  11. Happy Birthday to Sophia!! Wishing You many more birthdays to come!

  12. Christine Puma says:

    Happy Birthday Sophia ~ You are such an angel! Enjoy your special day! Website is beautiful! :)

  13. Kim Banach says:

    It is so great that Sophia is turning 2! God gave you such a wounderful gift and I am sure she has shown many people that. I am so happy for her she is A true Princess. Hugs.HAPPY BIRTHDAY>

  14. Amanda Woodard says:

    Happy Birthday Sophia!!!!!

  15. I can not believe Sophia will be 2. Happy Birthday Princess!!
    Vinny and Catherine you are such wonderful parents. What the two of you do for the SMA Community in the short time you have been in it is just amazing. Thank you for being in our life.
    Love the updated web-site.

  16. How wonderful that Sophia will be turning 2. I know all of the SMA Angels like my nephew Andy Butler will be having a party for her too. A great achievement for a little doll. Happy Birthday Sophia!

  17. anna clark says:

    Happy Birthday Gorgeous Sophia <3

  18. Happy 2nd birthday sweet Sophia! We love you so much and are so proud of you and your parents for all the wonderful things they are doing to help you! You are a miracle Sophia and we love you so much! Have a GREAT birthday! Love, Stella

  19. Vondrak girls says:

    Happy 2nd Birthday Sophia!!!!

  20. Laura Burke says:

    Happy Birthday Sophia! May you have many more wonderful Birthdays with your amazing parents and family members. You are truly a beautiful little princess!

  21. Debbie Chizik says:

    Happy Birthday Sophia!! Love all the bows!

  22. Bali Amarat says:

    Happy 2nd birthday to Sophia, wishing you a great day and many more!

  23. Kristin Jennings says:

    Kendra and her mommy and daddy wish you the happiest of birthdays yet! Sending many hugs and birthday wishes come true!!! You’re all so inspirational to all of us!!! Happy 2nd Birthday and many many more Sophia!!!

  24. Kathleen Sokolowski says:

    I hope Sophia has a wonderful birthday!

  25. Jennifer Martin says:

    Happy Birthday to a special little girl! Praying for a cure in 2011!

  26. Kara Tarrence says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHIA!!! Have a great day princess!!
    Love, The Tarrence Family from Iowa

  27. Hillary Jost says:

    Happy birthday to beautiful Sophia! I first heard about SMA through Gina and her wonderful bows! Praying for a cure in 2011! Blessings to you and your family!

  28. Happy birthday, Sophia! I pray it’s a blessed one :)

  29. Stacie Edwards says:

    Happy Birthday Sophia!! I’m sure it will be a GREAT one. The bow is sooooooo cute!!

  30. Denise Oterson says:

    Happy Birthday Sophia! You are truly a blessing and such an inspiration to others. Enjoy your 2nd birthday!!!

  31. Happy Birthday Princess Sophia!! You are such a beautiful girl with an amazing family and we wish you the happiest day!!

  32. We are so excited that Sophia will be two. She is such an beautiful little princess and has changed each and every one of us. We are so grateful for the hard work your family has done to speed up research! We are honored to be your friends! Daniel loves Sophia and we cannot wait until they can actually meet! The Sacripante Family

  33. Happy Birthday Sophia! You are an inspiration to us all!

  34. Taryn Burtchell says:

    Happy Birthday sweet Sophia! I’m sure you will have a wonderful birthday!

  35. Roseann O'Toole says:

    Happy Birthday to sweet Sophia!

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