Sophia’s Cure IPAD GIVEAWAY!!!

We are so excited to be giving away another IPAD!!!!!! This all became possible after we were entered into the Respironics contest….because of the overwhelming support for SCF they have generously donated the proceeds for this giveaway. Ok so enough already …right!!!! Lets get on with this giveaway!!!! Here are the eligibility requirements:

1) There must not be an IPAD in the HOME

2) For SMA Kids/adults only

Soooooo how to enter:

1) Comment on this blog post below please include the following…

a) Full name of SMA kid/adult

b) let us know how the Ipad will improve their day to day life.

Thats it!!! Good Luck to everyone….. entries will be taken up until midnight saturday Nov 5. The winner will be drawn on Sunday morning!!!! :)

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Mom to beautiful Sophia.... SMA Type 1


  1. Yasmin Ame I Melhoria Demais Sua Vida Como Esta NA SUA CADEIRINHA DE RODAS ISSO IRA ENTERTELA MUITO!!!

  2. Nicole Schauerte says:

    Dear Sophias Cure-Team,
    that give away is fantastic!! Everyone with SMA should get an iPad because it’ll brighten their lifes and make things so much easier – let’s ask apple :-)
    Well, I am waiting to get an ipad for so long. I am Nicole, 29 and have SMA Type II. I’d like to have the ipad first at all because I could connect it with my brand new power wheelchair and than there is a chance to control the things in my flat around me wit it, like the door, the lights etc. That would be a way to get more and more independent.
    And of course the ipad would be the connection to the world, if I feel powerless and have to stay in bed. Its the best way to communicate, read books and to enjoy life! :-) I would be so glad to win it.
    Good luck to everyone

  3. Estella Sweetman says:

    Hi there. My name is Estella and I am right months old. I have SMA type one. It is difficult for me to get around now as I am linked to do many machines. I love colours and flashing lights and sounds but sometimes it can take ages for Mummy to sort out some entertainment while handling my cares. If I had an iPad I would be able to be entertained and stimulated straight away in a way that helps all my senses. It would be great to have one piece of equipment on my bed that is based around fun rather than life support ! The other benefit is it may convince my daddy to stop singing puff the magic dragon to me every morning. Come on dad it’s 2011. Thank you.

  4. Great initiative! I’ve got SMA Type 2 :)

  5. Mom to Oscar Westlund, 13 years old and has SMA type 3. Is hospitalized after a scoliosis surgery which became infected. A ipad would perhaps lighten up the very long and boring time in bed…

  6. First, I hope this text will be in English you understand, normaly I am from Sweden and english is not my main language.
    Then, an Ipad would help me in my life with notes on the meetings with politics and my way to change the politics arround people with disabilytis. Im 18 years old, and I live to make the world a better place, sadly I can´t write with I pencil anymore, so I need the technical support to make it.
    I think Ipad is a perfect tool to a person with SMA, so anyone who gets it I think will have a lot of help by it.

  7. Stacie Edwards says:

    Cody Edwards (age 5) would LOVE an IPAD. He has difficulties playing with a lot of his toys on his own, so an IPAD would be something he could do independently!!

  8. Stacie Edwards says:

    Hunter Edwards (age 8) would LOVE an IPAD. Hunter loves being on the computer but there are some times when he has troubles using the mouse or the keyboard. A touch screen would give him a new angle of playing!!

  9. jenn lozina says:

    I would love to get an IPad for my daughter Emily Lozina. We have been looking into it, but have not done so yet. Her OT brings hers over and Emily likes to play games like Peek a boo Barn and Baby Piano. We are just starting to figure out ways to let Emily play and do things by herself, an IPad would be part of that. She is almost 9 months old and type 1. Thanks SCF for the contest and keep up the great work!

  10. Rachael Carrington says:

    I would use the IPad for my son, Jamey who has SMA type2 and is 4 years old. We started homeschool this year and this would be perfect for Jamey to use. Every SMA child needs one so, thank you!

  11. Cortney McDonald says:

    I am the proud mom of Reese McDonald-SMA Type II. Reese has three older siblings who have all the handheld gaming devices. It is so hard for him to push buttons and control these devices. He would love to win this ipad, so he could play games of his own with the simple touch of the screen. Thanks for giving us a chance to win!!!!!

  12. Kara Tarrence says:

    Addison Tarrence, 4 years old, SMA Type III. Getting an IPAD would brighten up her world. She loves to use her Grandmother’s touch IPOD, and an IPAD would open up so many more options for her. She loves technology!

  13. Mary Young says:

    I am the Mother to a wonderful little girl, her name is Angel Faye Young, she is 21.5 months old and she has SMA type 1, she LOVES the ipad, her ST comes over and that is how I discovered a whold new world for her, she plays peek a boo barn and the piano and a color game and so many some fruit game that she loves also, she is so happy seeing all that she can do on her own while working on the ipad, she is so independent, and when ST has to leave it breaks my heart, because Angel crys so much, she just doesn’t want to give that game up.. I can’t blame her, she can’t play anything on her own EXCEPT the ipad, I have tried to get her one by trying to enter her into every contest I can find, I would love to get one for her but like most families I can’t afford it, I had to quit my job, just to take care of her, it really would mean the world to her and me if she could have SOMETHING in this world just for her, something that make her feel like she doesn’t need anyone, alittle freedom, her own little piece of the world, just for her.
    And if she wins one or not I also would like to say thank you to all the the great people out there who make things possible for families like us with SMA children, I hate that my child has SMA, but I can’t think of better people to be surrounded by than the one who are fighting this with us, Thank You just doesn’t seem like enough sometimes, but that is all that most of us have. So le me say it again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU…..!!!!!!!!
    Thanks SCF for the contest and all of your hard work that you all do….

  14. Beth Pruitt says:

    Dani Pruitt. Dani has used an IPAD with a therapist that visits once a week and experiences great indepence with it. We would love for her to be able to have this independence more than once a week for an hour.

  15. Stephanie Barnett says:

    I’d like to enter my son Gavin Davis who has SMA type 1. I would love for him to have the opportunity to play independently while in his slings. His speech therapist beings hers to sessions and it brings so much joy to Gavin!!!

  16. Ilene Tavelman says:

    I have such great joy to be the aunt to Kaylee Dorfman. My niece Kaylee was diagnosed with SMA Type 1 at 5 months of age. She has movement in her wrists and forearms which allows her to be able to press the pictures on talking or musical books. When we play together she presses the touchpad on my cell phone and gets great joy from the sounds. I can only imagine the smile and laughter on her face if she could interact with an IPAD. The IPAD would also be a great learning tool to help her education. There is only so many things she can do lying in bed and I feel having the IPAD would brighten her day. She has proven to us over and over and over again her fight for life. She is an inspiration to us all. Thank you Sophias Cure for giving educational opportunities to SMA children.

  17. Kayla Sniezek says:

    Ford Sniezek is a type 1 and is 13 months old. We currently do not have an IPAD in our house but have used a touch screen pad from Motorola. Ford loves the touch screen and I think with an IPAD he can gain more independence. We have tried doing switch toys but he doesn’t seem to be strong enough at activate the toys and I think that games on the IPAd are more interactive. I also think that he would be able to learn things more quickly such as letters and numbers then his mother doing flashcards with him (He cries the whole time). Please enter Ford into the drawing. thanks for all you do for our kids!!

  18. Great news SCF! Our daughter Emerson Chambers (SMA Type 2) would benefit from the iPad as having something to keep her occupied while in her stander, as well as be able to prop it up and get her to reach and extend her arms. She loves to color and the apps available for the iPad would be a great for her therapy in the stander.

  19. Melissa Vazquez says:

    Jaelie Isabella Williams Type 1 DOB: 11/9/08 would benefit from having her own Ipad so that therapists don’t always to bring their own. Jaelie has so much with her therapists ipad and when they leave she gets very sad. Jaelie’s birthday is coming up and it would be awesome for you to be blessed with the ipad to play with and it would also come just in time for when she starts school next week! :: crossing our fingers:: THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO FOR OUR KIDS…YOU ALL ARE TRULY A BLESSING <3

  20. nicole juntunen- williams says:

    my daughter Alli is 10 months old with type 1 SMA. an ipad would be so great for her because it would give her so much stimulation and the touch screen is something she can do on her own. she has a portable dvd player that she just loves to watch movies on, her face just lights up! with an ipad she could interact with it so it would be much better for her learning! because of her lack of movement its very hard to find things she can do on her own, she would love this so much! i think its so wonderful that you guys do this for our kiddos, thank you:)

  21. Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much for your mission of getting an Ipad for every SMA kiddo. I would LOVE to win one for Ally Krajewski who is 5 1/2 years old with type 1 SMA. Ally would use her ipad to play fun and educational games with the tiny movement she has in her fingers. We could bring it with us everywhere we go, so that she will always have something to do. She could also read books and watch videos on the ipad. In addition, we are interested in exploring the communication programs that can be bought for the ipads. There is sooooooooooooooo much to do for Ally on the ipad.

    Thanks again for the chance at winning one for Ally or another sma child.

  22. Mary Ellen Barrelle says:

    My nephew, Shaun Lesniak, age 17, is a senior in high school and he has SMAII. He has been using a “Dana” (a word processor, more or less) on his wheelchair tray since 3rd grade, maybe 4th, to do his homework assignments. He had an opportunity to try an ipad at camp this past summer and it worked out really well for him. I have been wanting to get him an ipad but I cannot do it, especially since I’ve told him I will pay for his college education (being a Realtor, that is going to be difficult in itself). An ipad would make his remaining High School year and his college years far more academically productive and would foster greater independence for him. Shaun would be honored and I would be thrilled if he were to receive an ipad from Sophia’s Cure Foundation.
    Thank you for all you do.

  23. Susan Ament says:

    My grandson Sawyer age two diagnosed with SMA type 1 would benefit having an Ipad because it is a wonderful developmental tool that offers so much for a SMA child. Sawyer has use of his arms and hands and enjoys playing with our touch screen cell phones. There is so much to offer not to mention it is a way to communicate, offers so many educational possibilities; you can read ibooks to him, keep him engaged., give stimulation, and most important( for Sawyer)he will be able to watch his favorite, Sponge Bob on Netflicks. The Ipad will enhance his life through learning interaction, unlike a computer he can easily use an Ipad to touch the things he wants to see. It will create autonomy and a sense of independence with control which is very important for the confidence and development due to his limitations. The ease of use is also a plus and the fact that you can take it with you- along with everything else that we travel with ( stroller, all the machines,and all the things you need for a two year old) Sawyer would definitely enjoy and benefit having such a wonderful tool.

  24. Dawna Seavers says:

    I am writing on behalf of my daughter Sara who is Type II SMA. With each passing year Sara’s arms and hands get weaker and weaker. Sara has problems holding school books and library books so if we can get these on an IPad it would make school much easier. She is also having a harder time writing and we thought we could get an app that would alow her to speak into it and it write for her. She also spends alot of time in the hospital and bed and would make keeping up in school easier. Sara is a bright girl that will one day go to college and we want her to have every opportunity. We understand that there are many people that deserve this but we would love to be considered. Not for us but for Sara who has a heart of gold and has soo much potential if given the right tools.
    . Thank you so much for your consideration.

  25. Hannah Price. My daughter would benefit from an Ipad because on long car trips she gets bored very easily since she doesn’t have her computer. If she had an Ipad she wouldn’t get bored so easily. This would be an especially beneficial tool for Hannah because she would be able to move her hands to play games so her hands would get stronger.

  26. Heather Scanlon says:

    My bright eyed handsome little man Kaige who is 8.5 years old type 1 would just love an IPAD!!! Anything to help stimulate my little man would be awesome. He is so smart! Just starting THIS YEAR in a school that cares about his education, unlike his last school, Kaige is learning so much so quick. He is impressing everyone he meets. Even though I had been fighting tooth and nail with his last school of 7 years, I find that you can’t get blood from a turnip. So this year since moving, he has grown so much. I hate that fact that 8.5 years has gone by and him missing so much in an education sense, is making it more difficult to catch up. This year Kaige attends school 3 days a week. He has just gotten a small switch at school, and after all these years he is finally learning.The wonderful IPAD that is out there,is carving the way for so many kids with SMA. Kaige has used my iphone… and its so small… but he looks at me with those big eyes and I can see he wants to play. An IPAD would give him more stimulation, reason to smile and and independence. My little man has grown up in an era where SMA was not know as well as it is today. Today we are closer to a cure then ever before, and fighting for everything along the way has been difficult and draining, and never allowing real time to just to be a kid…especially when SMA is the elephant in the room. An IPAD will be an outlet ,even for 30 min at a time. And for Kaige to feel free as a bird.. that is priceless. Its like a normal child riding a bike for the first time. Special, and needing no words. The use of his mind is his strongest tool of all. Using an IPAD in turn will allow him to become something so smart that even SMA cant take away.Thank you Sophia’s Cure for all you do and the chance to win.

  27. Alicia Reed says:

    Hi! My daughter’s name is Abrianna Reed. She is a year old. Abrianna was diagnosed with SMA type 1. I feel that an IPAD would be a great tool for her physically and cognitively. She would use her arms & hands to touch it and special apps for children would build learn skills. I appreciate everything SCF does! Thank you!

  28. Pam Pynenberg says:

    Every child with SMA should have an IPAD. It has endless possibilities, Caiden Pynenberg 3 1/2 years old with SMA type2 would love to be able too explore and learn on his own and with an ipad that would allow him to do so. Sophias cure foundation and all the sponsors bring a part of independence to each and every child that was able to win an IPAD. Caiden also has another disability other than SMA and we are exploring to find out what it is but he is non-verbal and can not speak. We have to get a lot of testing done the the specialist in Madison thinks it might be Apraxia and with that will be more hurtles that Caiden and our family will have to cross. Not only could he play movies and games but also a teaching tool and with the right apps….. his”voice”

    Thank You again for everything that you do!!!!
    Pam Pynenberg

  29. Not sure if we can enter as we’re in the UK?
    Sam is 9 and a half with SMAii.
    He hates not being able to hold a pencil to draw or turn pages of a book and an ipad would be just the thing to make him smile.
    I’m a single parent as his father decided that I was “faulty” for not giving him a “normal” child!!
    His loss, because Sam is amazing and an inspiration to all who know him.
    You guys are amazing and best of luck to everyone xxxx

    Sue Fisher
    Proud mum of Sam

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