Sophia’s Big Girl Room

When we became pregnant with Jackson, we immediately started thinking about the fact that we live in a 2 story home where on the first floor there are only two bedrooms…..of course when Vinny and I bought our home we never imagined SMA would prevent us from using our upstairs space. We quickly had to think of a solution for our princess, Vinny immediately decided to turn our Garage into Sophia’s “Big Girl Room”!!! In May of Last year the “Princess room project” began. Vinny did most of the work with a lot of help from friends and family. Keeping in mind that Sophia spends most of her time at home especially during the flu and cold season, we wanted her to have the most beautiful OASIS. Vinny thought of every detail, He had to elevate the floors two feet to be leveled with the house, he put 32 outlets in the room, which is more than enough for all of her equipment, he had all the electric for the house upgraded and Vinny had Sophia’s room put on its own separate zone additionally Sophia’s room is also wired to accept the generator in case of a power outage even if the whole house lost power Sophia’s room would stay LIVE, he also added a ductless heating/Air conditioner to make sure it is clean air, we added an emergency egress window so in case of an emergency we are able to pass her safely out the window …a while back we visited Miss Mary Nelson and her awesome dad Ryan had made a swing for her that allowed her to lay flat and hung in the living room, as soon as Vinny saw it he knew Sophia needed one. Vinny also contacted one of his very good friends from College who happens to be an amazing artist. Michele came by and met Sophia and asked us what she loved most, I quickly told her Tinkerbell and Beauty and the Beast…..So Michele started and came every saturday to work on Sophia’s Mural, Sophia would watch her paint with wide eyes and always give her “input” if she thought Michele was using a wrong color …LOL…Michele would constantly ask Sophia if it was ok as she went along. One of my favorite parts of the mural is the fact that Michele incorporated our family into the scenes, (in the Beauty and the Beast Village Scene she painted our family and made Sophia running through the town, and in the Tinkerbell scene she made Sophia a fairy flying around with her fairy friends. I cannot thank Michele enough for the beautiful job she did and the joy she has brought to our little princess!!!! If you live in the NY/Long Island Area and would like to contact Michele visit her Facebook Fanpage.

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Mom to beautiful Sophia.... SMA Type 1


  1. Christine Hicks says:

    Just amazing

  2. Gina Panico-DeVito says:

    Stunning!! Go Michelle!! I remember in high school, she was in the art classes with her big portfolio =)

  3. that is incredible – what a gift!

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