Hi, My name is Catherine Gaynor and I am starting this Blog for my daughter Sophia, who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy. So far we have been so lucky to keep Sophia Healthy, she started using her Bi-Pap at night to help her breathing and she seems stronger during the day. I am still pumping so she is still able to have my breast milk which is also helping to keep her strong. I am hoping that all the fundraisers do well that we have set up so we can help get the clinical trial going asap!!!! Yesterday was Sophias 4 month birthday, I cannot believe I had my little girl four months ago, time is really flying, and she has gotten so big. As a celebration Vinny and I took Sophia out to the Long Island Vineyards and had a picnic!!! She loved being out of the house and so did we. Today we had an early start since we were on the show Fox and Friends, she loved it and looked so cute in her pretty dress that Aunt Terry bought for her. She was so good on camera and slept the whole way home. Since the show aired we have had a flood of donations, I cant believe it, so many generous people in this world!!!!!Thank you to everyone !!!!

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