Sophia is going to be a Big Sister

We were very surprised to learn in December that we were expecting another baby. Today after an incredibly trying 8 weeks we found out our baby boy is healthy. We went through such a gauntlet of emotions. We certainly did not want to put another child through what Sophia goes through on a daily basis. At times I felt as if I was almost cheating on Sophia. I also cannot fathom loving another child as much as I love my daughter.

I am truly so thankful, for this sma community. None of us want to be a part of it, but the families who are, are the most amazing people I have met in my life. They are so passionate, so caring, supportive, relentless. To offer the support they do on a daily basis, knowing what they also deal with in their homes, and in their lifes, every second of every day is simply heroic. After learning of our pregnancy we were supported by a couple of families who really put things in prospective for us. They helped me to understand that “You never stop loving your child, your heart just grows another part” One of the most beautiful things I have ever heard. They also helped me to realize that having a sibling would be the best thing in the world for Sophia. Sophia is quarantined from the world during flu season and now she will have a best friend, an sma-free brother. I am looking forward to seeing Sophia’s smile when she first sees her brother. To watch them interact with each other. Just to watch the love they will share with each other. I know he will have such a huge impact on Sophia’s life, as she will on his. I know growing up with Sophia my son will be an incredible young man.


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