Sophia got her AFO’s

Sophia got her AFOsAfter a long wait Sophia finally got her AFO’s, these will help keep her feet in line, a lot of the time with SMA kids they get what is called the “ballerina feet” where there feet will point down. But now these will help keep her feet in line…they are very cute with butterflies and pink buckles… Sophia is doing well we are still enjoying our daily walks outside and I will be sad when winter kicks in and we wont be able to go anymore, Vinny and I are really hoping we can try to get through this first winter without Sophia getting sick, I know its a lot to ask but we are just hoping, we are being very cautious and not letting anyone over and the therapist and nurses who do come over we are starting to ask them to wear masks, I also have ordered pediatric masks for Sophia to wear whenever we need to go out for a doctor appt. On a happier note I am looking forward to taking her to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins, we will probably be going within the next few weeks, so check back for cute pics :)

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