SMA Parents

SMA Parents

I said it once I will say it again, I hate SMA, I hate what it does to my daughter, but I love Sophia with all my heart, and the SMA Parents and families I have met along this journey are some of the most courageous, understanding, patient and kind people I have ever met. I love every single person in my SMA Family and I am proud to be taking this journey with you all…

Today I was having a blah day, its rainy here in NY which doesnt help my yucky mood, but surpisingly I got a knock at the door……on my doorstep is a beautiful arrangement of flowers with a balloon attached, with two words on it…”Thank You”

This beautiful gesture came from the Vandeloo family of NY whose daughter Ciara was recently diagnosed with SMA, we had the pleasure of meeting them yesterday when they came to our home to meet Dr. Schroth and some other SMA families in the area. Ciara is a beautiful bright eyed smiley little princess, she has this sweet little laugh that makes you smile when you hear her. I am so lucky to have met them and Ciara!!!! We are so glad that your experience was positive and know that the whole SMA family/community has your back!!!!! So Thank you !!!!


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