Princess Sophia Teams Up with NY Islanders Trevor Gillies

Sophia knew this was a special day…..when she awoke bright and early she was in an incredible mood. Sophia was smiling the whole time  as we were getting her dressed for the special occasion. She patiently waited as we fed Jackson and got him ready but you could feel she was anxious. She could not wait to get to the Nassau Coliseum. Today she would shoot her Public Service Announcement with the NY Islanders for the SMA Awareness Night  on March 26th.

When we arrived at the Coliseum we were greeted by staff and ushered down to the Ice where the NY Islanders were finishing their practice for tomorrows game. Everyone with the Islanders organization has been so thoughtful and kind to our family. When the Islanders had finished their practice the players went back to the locker room and out came the Zamboni Machine. Back and forth the Zamboni went turning the rough surface back into a slick sheet of Ice. The Islanders were nice enough to open the door so Sophia could see up close and personal. Her eyes gazed out onto this massive surface in awe. She could feel the change in temperature as soon as the door was opened and her eyes raced around the arena inquisitively.She really enjoyed the scenery. We watched for awhile as the L.A. Kings took the ice for their practice session. Everyone we met today wanted to say hi to Sophia. After saying Hi to Sophia and saying how beautiful she was a few people asked what she had. It was such a nice feeling not having anyone stare it is so nice to be approached the right way.

We were ushered back to the area where we would be conducting the PSA. Islanders Left Wing #14 Trevor Gillies was there to greet us. Trevor was a pretty big guy at 6’3″ and 225. Trevor is known as one of the toughest players in the NHL, a hard body-checker who backs down from no opponent at either end of the ice. He is the Islanders Enforcer. Trevor can be less than charitable on the ice to his competitors…….but with Sophia he was so kind and gentle. Before shooting the PSA, #14 kneeled beside Sophia to introduce himself and talk to her for a little while. After he met Sophia he came over to where I was standing and explained to me that he had a daughter  around Sophia’s age and he was clearly touched by her. It was great to see this side of an athlete……so different than what is projected by the cameras. I handed him a Sophia’s Cure Hot Pink Bracelet and he graciously accepted it and put it on right away.

During the PSA Trevor spoke about Spinal Muscular Atrophy and urged fans to get involved, and to learn more about SMA by going to After shooting this PSA to be shown during SMA Awareness Night, the Islanders informed me that they would be showing it at home games leading up to that night starting tomorrow! Incredible instead of just one night the SMA PSA will run for an entire month at the Coliseum! It has been such a pleasure to work with the NY Islanders and their staff. It was an honor to work with Trevor Gillies on behalf of Spinal Muscular Atrophy! Purchase your tickets now…this is an event you do not want to miss!


  1. Great entry…I loved all the pictures! Looks like you all had a fun day…I’m hoping that lots of tickets will be sold. Good luck!

    • I am going to pray, I would love to join you guys that night. I love the Islanders and I am going to try and be present. A good excuse to go home and visit. Let’s see what I pull together. You know our situation is a little tight. Send me the details after our event, I will make sure my NY people get the information. Love you guys. Glad Sophia is doing better.

  2. kate madera says:

    Great pics. Sophia looked as if she had a great time. I was so hoping I could plan a trip up and attend, maybe next time. I hope this event is huge!!!!1

  3. Maureen Cohen says:

    This is awesome Vincent!

  4. Terry Gaynor says:

    Sounds like Sophia had a great time! Good luck and I hope you sell lot’s of tickets!! Xoxo

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