Prepare for the Worst…….Hope for the Best

Our family recently experienced a very scary situation up here in the Northeast. About a week ago, Hurricane Irene was headed right for New York, and especially Long Island. As her approach grew closer, she was not changing her course for a direct hit on Long Island. The Island and City were well under way evacuating towns and warning residents that they would be closing bridges and tunnels. We as family have always been very proactive about having all the essentials for any kind of emergency situation for Sophia. We have backup marine batteries, a generator, and an emergency bag that is packed with essentials and waits by the door for a quick exit. Even though we felt prepared for anything, as the days grew closer the warnings were getting stronger and scarier, we decided as a family we did not want to take a chance and put our children in any kind of danger. We decided to leave for the weekend and try to get out of the path of the storm. We packed up and headed to PA. We tried to make it exciting for the kids so they would not worry. We decided on a small town in the middle of PA (state college, PA) Home of the well known University Penn State!!!!! We were so excited to learn that Sophia’s good friend Nathan Banjany would be joining us and a new friend Sophia hadn’t met Llarell Hernandez. We all met up and at the Residence INN and had a “Hurricane Pizza Party” in the lobby!! Nathan was the perfect gentlemen and shared his Ipad 2 to watch movies with Sophia, he just happened to pick Tangled to watch….Sophia’s Favorite!!!! All the kids hung out and had such a fun time!!! The next day while “Irene” was reeking havoc on the Tri State area, we had a beautiful sunny day and decided to head up to the University and take advantage of their famous “Creamery” !!!!! The ice cream was beyond delicious and we learned this is where Ben and Jerry learned to make Ice Cream!!!! Sophia loved watching all the ┬ácollege girls…..and boys (hmmmmm my sassy little girl is growing up too fast ­čśë Everyone was so nice and helpful, we all took a walk around campus and ended up at the bookstore where daddy bought Sophia the cutest little Penn State Cheerleader outfit!!!! The next day we were on our way home and sooo happy to see our house was ok, we had no power though but after getting nowhere with our power company a quick call to eyewitness news fixed the problem!!!!!

The point is SMA Families, you need to be prepared for anything, don’t wait for disaster to strike make sure you have backup batteries and a generator . Many local organizations in your area will help families purchase these critical items. Make sure you have your “go” bag packed and ready. No electricity means so much more to an SMA Family whose child depends on their machines…so always prepare for the worst and hope for the best!!!

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