Prendiz Family’s Charity Fundraising SMA Gala in California!

Hope for SMA - Hannah RoseSince we have launched our SMA Kids campaign we have literally been overwhelmed with so many upcoming fundraisers that are currently in the works. It has been amazing to see how many families believe in our mission and the momentum is spreading. It would be easy to focus on the past but we prefer to focus on the future! And the future looks bright! We have been approached by at least 5 separate families who want to fundraise in honor of their children all from the Sunny state of California! One dad want’s to ride his bike from California to NY in honor of the SMA child he has lost, One MOM has committed to raising 50k (yes 50k) in honor of her SMA Angel. Another MOM is currently working on a few events to honor her child and we are currently in the planning stages of picking the right event for her! Yet another newly diagnosed family has chosen Sophia’s Cure Foundation for a run in honor of her gorgeous daughter Getty. As these events become public we will be so excited to blogg about them. But today’s blogg is about another California family that has been doing some Extraordinary things! The Courageous Prendiz family and their wonderful upcoming charity fundraising Gala in memory of baby Hannah!

What this family is doing is nothing short of remarkable. This years MDA telethon had a big spotlight on SMA, and it was through the efforts of the Prendiz family that lead to the incredible coverage that Spinal Muscular Atrophy received on a national level. The amount of courage that it took for Hannah’s mom Jessica to come forward is immeasurable. Jessica decided to share Hannah’s story to raise awareness about SMA and to fight for all of these children who have no voice. I am indebted to this woman for her amazing efforts on behalf of all SMA Kids including Sophia. Here is the heartfelt piece that was aired for the MDA telethon In memory of Hannah Rose:

We are honored to know this family and are so thankful for their efforts! If you live in California and would like to attend this event please contact Jessica Prendiz: or 949-291-0962. Visit the Hope for SMA website

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