Sophia just learned this game and LOVES it, we usually put the bib or a burp cloth over her face and say “wheres Sophia?” and then quickly pull it away and shout “PEEKABOO” she then lets out the cutest giggles, it makes me want to do it forever just to keep hearing those little giggles!!! She really shows you that the simple small games is what she loves the most, like when Vinny and I kiss her belly, this always makes her giggle………..I try to concentrate on these little things that she loves because it is so agonizing to me that I cannot hold her. The most time she will spend in my arms is when I am transporting her to one room or another and it has to be quick or she will start choking on her saliva. To get through this time I think of new ways to be close with Sophia, like I will lay down facing her and “rub noses” and hold hands she still can squeeze my finger….I treasure every moment that I am close with her and hope maybe someday I will be able to hold her again, for now we have our PEEKABOO, and belly kisses!!!!

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