Mother’s Day….

I know some people may think of this day as one of those “Hallmark” Holiday’s but I love Mother’s Day…..I loved secretly making my mom cards using all my glitter and all the colors in my crayola box to make the perfect piece of “art”, I loved presenting them to her and watching as she acted sooooo excited :) and after she passed away and I had to clean out her closet I loved finding a big box filled with every single letter, card ,picture I had ever made for her…. I loved making her breakfast in bed and watching her eat every bite (even if the eggs were a bit undercooked)… I just LOVED my momma….and I knew I wanted to be a mom just like her…she made everything beautiful, reading to us every night before bed, movies, lunches, mani pedi’s, vacations…..I miss it all, but mostly I miss her. When Sophia was diagnosed I immediately felt that I had been robbed of all those “mommy daughter” occasions….but as we have said before we did quickly brush ourselves off and learn to adapt, but I wont lie, there are still some things I thought would never happen…….one of those is the beautiful little homemade cards all kids make for their moms and dads…….yet Sophia always seems to surprise me :)….The other day Sophia was having “School” with her teacher who comes to our home, and right before her session was over “Miss Joyce” called me into the room. I walked over to the bed and there was MY daughter holding a mothers day card she made with the help of Miss Joyce for ME in honor of Mother’s day…..I couldn’t believe it, to say I was so happy would be an understatement…..I was overjoyed and filled with so many emotions, Miss Joyce began to tell me how vocal she was while they made it and was moving her fingers quite excitedly ……I scooped Sophia up and kissed her all over and told her how beautiful it was and how I loved it……I especially told her how I will keep it forever :)…..Sophia just never ceases to amaze me and she just loves proving us all wrong :) I will never forget after she was born, Vinny told me how he told my brother that I was missing my  mom  a lot, and my brother stopped and said “she doesn’t have to ….she is in Sophia”……well….Yes she is …..she really really is….. Wishing all the moms out there a very Happy Mother’s day….especially to all those SMA Moms 😉

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Mom to beautiful Sophia.... SMA Type 1


  1. michele says:

    Dear Cath~
    This is one of the most endearing and lovely letters~about your dear mother, darling daughter and
    sophia’s amazing mother~
    i cried tears of joy and sadness… the statement that ”mom is in sophia..” is the truth:
    and what a tender and loving sentiment.
    Thank you for sharing all the amazing ways sophia shows everyone she has alot to say and do~!!
    ~ I know your mom cherished you so much!

  2. Maureen Cohen says:

    In tears, so beautiful and so inspiring.

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