“Momma Love” by Ali Smith

I am sitting here on my couch my makeup has smeared, my eyes are swollen, there is a slight lump in my throat, Ali Smith has just left my home….she came to spend the morning with Sophia and I to take pictures and interview me for a book she is working on called MOMMA LOVE.….this was more to me than a photo shoot, Long after the pictures were taken… Ali and I quietly went into Sophia’s room and sat on the bed like “girlfriends” ready for a chat session……she quietly placed her recorder down on one of Sophia’s pillows and we began….I have to tell you I was nervous about what would be asked and how I would sound, what i would say….but as soon as we began all my emotions and fears and feelings came pouring out like the flood gates had opened…..my emotions were RAW, and it was OK, there was no judgement, just quiet understanding…..I was telling “our story” Sophia’s story, how she has changed us, I was so proud to speak for my daughter who cannot, to talk about how her love has changed my life forever, how I never knew love before there was Sophia, how she is the reason I am a Mother!!!! All i can hope is that I made my daughter proud, she is my everything and always will be….Thank you Ali, for wanting to share my Sophia with the world….

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