Merry Christmas…..

Sophia has been sick for a while now and last week we found out she has Serratia, pseudomonas, and Staph……again we say “Thank God for her Trach” all this has been manageable at home, and she has been in good spirits. Thank you for all the prayers for our sweet girl. Despite Sophia’s Sickies we had a wonderful Christmas…This year Sophia really “Got it” and understood all about Santa and all the christmas magic….We made cookies for santa on Christmas eve and we put the kids in their matching pajamas and all snuggled up and listened to Daddy read “twas the night before Christmas” then it was off to bed, or so we thought….Sophia stayed up till midnight ( I think trying to see Santa) and got up at 4am…:) The kids loved seeing all the presents and loved opening them all!!! We showed Sophia how Santa ate her cookies and the reindeer ate the carrot we left out for them…….We are so blessed and so happy that we were all together ….. it was so perfect …..and seeing Sophia’s face light up with the opening of each gift was priceless….We are so thankful for every second we can share together and all the memories we get to make :) …..We hope all our friends and families had a wonderful Holiday!!!

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  1. Michelle O'Dwyer says:

    She’s so captivated by the cookies Santa ate!!! ♥

  2. Sophia and Jackson must have been so very good because Santa Claus brought them so many gifts. Love the photo with Princess Sophia surrounded by all the other princesses. God Bless. xoxo

  3. She got so many presents. Santa must know how good/ patient she was this year.
    Does anyone else wonder what she thinks?

  4. Sarah Turnbull says:

    Keep praying she kicks the infections too!!!!!
    What great pictures–makes me miss seeing her and Stella together!!!
    Sounds like she’s just like Stella, staying up late with anticipation. So cute!!
    Love these girls so much!
    Hugs and happy new year,
    Sarah and Stella and familY :)

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