Loving Sophia’s Arm Slings

Loving Sophia's Arm Slings

A few weeks ago Vinny had written a Facebook post asking for information on Arm Slings. We can do alot here but neither of us can sew. Slings are so helpful for SMA kids, it helps them do so many things they normally may not be able to….Sophia can use her IPAD almost independently while in her slings…. We were so happy by the responses we received of many families offereing to help make them for us. We received two wonderful packages, one came from Teri (Cash’s Grandma). She made Sophia the most colorful and snuggly slings!!!!! Thank you so much Teri for helping our Sophia.

The other package came from SMA Angels Charity. Cassidy and Skylar Swanson are the inspirations for SMA Angels Charity and Ann Maguire is the President  (we urge you to learn more about this remarkable foundation at www.smaangels.org) In the package was PVC piping all decorated with stickers and Sophia’s name and beautifully made slings with cinderella as the feature pattern…..also was a very beautiful card…in the card we learned that SMA Angels gives out these slings and PVC piping as gifts to any SMA child who would like them.  And what a wonderful gift they are….so thank you SMA Angels Charity for all you do for SMA and our SMA Kids…


  1. Lisa Steiner says:

    Hi. I sew, and would love to make arm slings if needed. How can I get involved? Thanks.

    Lisa Steiner, CA

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