Long Island Fortune 52 Honors Catherine!

Long Island Fortune 52 Honors Catherine!

I want to first start this post by asking for prayers for Sophia’s friend Mary Nelson. Mary has Type 1 SMA just like Sophia and is currently in the Picu having seizures and is unresponsive. Please keep Mary in your thoughts and prayers.

Two weeks ago I was on the construction site and received a phone call from a number I did not recognize. Usually I would just ignore the call and continue on with work. On this day for some reason I decided to answer. It was a woman by the name of Beverly Fortune. Beverly informed me that Catherine had been nominated by Fortune 52. My wife had been nominated as one of the “Most Inspirational Women on Long Island”. I was humbled and incredibly touched by the honor. I was curious to know who had nominated Catherine so I could thank them. Beverly told me it was Leah Keating. Leah Keating I asked ? I had never heard of this woman before. After doing some research I came to realize Leah had previously been honored by Fortune 52 for her outstanding work with Autism. Leah started a non-profit “Sensory Street Kids” in honor of her son Cole who suffers from Autism. Catherine was being honored for her incredible work by people we did not even know, and by an incredibly inspirational woman in her own right…………..Wow!

Some info on Fortune 52:
“Beverly has been instrumental in giving a “face” to many of Long Island’s not-for-profits by premiering a new column in 2006, titled the Fortune 52. This weekly column highlights the accomplishments of Long Island women who make unique and lasting contributions to their communities or workplaces. Beverly’s insights have made her column a “must read” for the Long Island Press’ weekly audience of more than 300,000 readers. Beverly also hosts a quarterly networking event that honors the women in her column and has become one of the premier networking evenings for the LI business community.”

The article will be featured in print for the Long Island Press as well as an online version. Catherine will also be featured on the homepage of Fortune 52. In January there will be a dinner to honor Catherine for the amazing contributions she has made, and continues to make for Spinal Muscular Atrophy! I am incredibly honored to be able to call Catherine my wife, and I am proud of all the things she has been able to accomplish!

Catherine has been an incredible mother, wife, and friend. She has given Sophia the best care possible. Many times when I am planning, and organizing fundraising and awareness events for SMA, Catherine has stepped up to the plate and taken on double duty with our kids. She is the rock behind me, and by the support she has given me, it has enabled me to accomplish everything that we have to date! Silently…..and behind the scenes….Catherine has been the driving force behind Sophia’s Cure Foundation. It now shows that other’s have taken notice. I am so thankful for what she has been able to do for not only our family, but for many others……..

Catherine is now One of the Most Inspirational Women on Long Island
Here is the article please check it out!


  1. Hi Catherine, you may not know me but i know your cousin and every since i seen this website i fell in love with Sophia and i pray every night that they will cure Sophia and i made a facebook and i hope you like it, it is at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sophias-Cure/137709039629383

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