Sophia’s Aunt Terry came by Monday to see her favorite Niece!!!!!! We had such a fun day and Aunt Terry gave Sophia her favorite Birthday present of ALL….( even I had no idea about “LaLaLoopsy” ) !!!! You should have seen Sophia’s eyes light up when she saw her new doll!!! We took it out of the box and laid down “Jewel Sparkle” in Sophia’s arms and she just stared back and moved her fingers up and down!!!! We knew she was so excited!!!!! Thank you Aunt Terry for such a special visit and special gift !!!!!


  1. Terry Gaynor says:

    I was so happy I got to spend the day with you all…..seeing Sophia’s eyes light up when she saw lalaloopsy made my day!!!! =) She is getting more and more beautiful everyday and Jackson……..forget about it!!!! I can’t take him, I just want to bite him lol!

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