Its Fun to Beeeee Threeeee…………

Sophia turned 3 on February 27 2012…..We  feel so blessed every milestone we reach with our little girl. When she turned 2, I think we felt like a big weight had been lifted (she had reached a milestone that the Dr.s said she never would make) so this last year has really been amazing. She has beaten the odds and loving her life on HER terms!!!! And we are so lucky to be along for this amazing ride!!!! This past weekend we had Sophia’s Birthday party (in true Sophia Style…. 😉 at Nunley’s Carousel. Sophia has always loved the carousel, she loves the horses, colors and music. I had seen another mom in my community had her daughters party there and I knew I had to check it out!!!! On close inspection of the Carousel, we saw that it is actually a historical artifact. Nunley’s first opened in Canarsie Brooklyn in 1912, It stayed there for 26 years and later was moved to Baldwin NY, and now recently to Garden City . Well as soon as I saw that Nunleys Started in Canarsie I knew it was a sign from my mom, (you see my mother was born in Canarsie and like Sophia loved the Carousel).

The party was perfect, the young ladies who ran the day were amazing, and so sweet with Sophia….we had the whole place to ourselves so Sophia could enjoy the day with her friends and family, we all rode the Carousel as many times as we wanted, all the kids did a craft (they made princess crowns :) ) and then all the kids played “Pin the crown on the princess”….. watching Sophia enjoy herself left a permanent smile on my heart that I will never forget. We were so honored to have Amanda and her family join us …(Amanda is the creator of Cupcakes for Sophia’s Cure) and we got to share in her amazing cupcakes she created just for our Sophia. We also enjoyed the Beautiful cake created by Dawn Olson, thank you so much Dawn !!!! We are so happy to hear that everyone who came had such a nice time, Sophia loved seeing everyone and spending the day together was perfect!!!!!! Thank you to everyone who sent gifts and messages for Sophia …we love you all!!!!

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for sharing these photos and this story! I’m glad Sophia enjoyed her big day. What a wonderful gift.

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