IPAD Generation 2 Giveaway!

This year….. has been nothing short of INCREDIBLE for The Sophia’s Cure Foundation. Together we have blown the doors off of 2011. The community support has grown exponentially and has been nothing short of AMAZING!!!!! We are so thankful to all of you…………our supporters who have believed in us and our path forward for SMA. We have been able to conceptualize new fundraising and support programs for the SMA community while maintaining a 100% volunteer status. When we started The 200 Commitments, it was a program that forced us to step outside of our comfort levels. For that program we were not setting a goal of an amount that we knew we could easily raise……….rather we set a target for what was needed to advance AAV9 to a Phase 1 clinical trial. That amount is a monumental $1,000,000. It is a collective dream of so many hard working families that WILL become a reality. This program belongs to our SMA children and it will be THEM who take the final bow. Our philosophy has always been to set long term fundraising goals for research but to also maintain tangible programs for those same kids in the here and now. The idea of the “Get every SMA Kid an IPAD” campaign is about improving and bringing joy today to the lives of our children. This program has been a huge success for our community. We have already been able to put quite a few IPADs into the hands of SMA children. The recent sales on our EBAY store has enabled us to raise $400 in a short period of time. The Gardner/Barber family shares in our vision and has recently raised money to help accelerate this program. We are so thankful to their family but especially Emily, Cashel and Allie. Emily is a member of Girl Scout Daisy Troop 452. Her troop recently sold cookies and raised an incredible $250 to be used for IPADs for SMA Kids. We are humbled by the act of kindness and generosity by Girl Scout Daisy Troop 452 in Las Vegas, Nevada. They have made this giveaway possible.

“This donation to Sophia’s Cure Foundation, Get Every SMA Kid an IPad Campaign, is from The Girl Scout Daisy Troop 452 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Emily Barber is Cashel and Allie Gardner’s sister. Cashel and Allie both have SMA Type1. Daisy Troop 452 consists of 5-7 years olds. These girls, many of them first time Girl Scouts, worked very hard and sold over 1500 boxes of cookies. When the discussion arose about whom to donate a portion of the cookie money to…. it was a unanimous decision to help get an SMA Kid an IPad. I am proud of Emily and all the little girls in the troop for being so generous and caring.” ~Sandy Antolik Gardner

Thank you so much Gardner/Barber Family, Girl Scout Daisy Troop 452 and all the generous families that have posted and sold items on Ebay who have made this possible. We invite everyone to continue to sell items on Ebay restricted to IPADs as well as any donations restricted to IPADs as well. It is your generosity that has made today possible!

To Enter this IPAD Giveaway for a Generation 2 IPAD 32GB you must comment below. Please include your child’s name and give a shout out to Troop 452!

Note: This contest is only open to SMA children who do not already have an IPAD in the home.

Good luck everyone………Sophia will draw the winning child Friday Night! Spread the word and remember to subscribe to our RSS Feeds so you do not miss out on future Giveaways!


  1. Cassandra Imbus says:

    I am really impressed by Troop 452 and their cookie sales. Good Job you guys…. Izzabella Rodgers 23 months Type 1 SMA..

  2. Love Daisy Troop 452!!!

  3. Once again, yet another amazing giveaway!! Thx to SCF and to the Gardner/Barber fams along w/ Troop 452 for helping make this possible! We’d like to enter Karah Barry –age 4 w/ type1!! Good luck to all the kids!! Yayyyyy

  4. AMAZING JOB TROOP 452! THANK YOU!!! Grace Mackenzie O’Neill 4 months type 1. :)

  5. You are such a sweet group of little daisies, Troop 452!

    (mom to Jensen Elizabeth Victoria Baldwin, age 15 … almost 16! … SMA type 2/3 and former Daisy)

  6. Troop 452, you are all AMAZING! Great job on selling so many cookies!! THANK YOU! Gavin Gilbertson 21 months SMA- type 2

  7. Stephanie says:

    Hi Troop 452! Thank you for raising money for the get every SMA kid an Ipad campaign! It means so much to so many kids! Hannah Price type 1 SMA :)

  8. Thank you Troop 452! You rock! Leah can’t wait to be a Daisy next year 😉

  9. K Banjany says:

    How incredible! Thank you Sophia’s Cure and Troop 452 for this awesome opportunity for SMA Kids!!

  10. Kara Tarrence says:

    Way to go Troop 452!!! Amazing job! *hugs* to you all!
    Addison Tarrence, 4 years old, SMA Type III

  11. Kudos to Girl Scout Troop 452 for their kind generosity and caring in raising money to provide IPads for children with SMA. Thank you! Alex Marshall, 12 years old, SMA Type II.

  12. Kate and Greer Ramsay says:

    Great Work, Troop452 and Sophia’s Cure! Thank you so much for helping our kids! Greer is Type 1, 2 yrs. 7 mo. Go Greer!, Go Sophia, Go sma kids everywhere! Fight, fight, fight!

  13. Go troop 452. U guys rock.

    Grace O’Neill sma type 1

  14. Kelly Hargrave says:

    Thanks to Troop 452 for their generous spirits! Thanks for helping kid with SMA.
    Micah, 9 TypeII

  15. Pam Pynenberg says:

    Girl Scouts have always done amazing things and Troop 452 decided to team up with SCF and The Gardner/Barber Family to enrich a child with SMA.. You all are truly AMAZING.
    Caiden Pynenberg SMA type 2 and family say “you guys are the greatest”

  16. Karen Shiesley says:

    You are an inspiration Troop 452! With friends like you everything will be good!
    Granny to Kale Shiesley, age 9 SMA 2.

  17. Way to go Daisy Troop 452! Thanks for thinking of, and caring about SMA kids!
    Casey O’Neill and Colin O’Neill (both SMA type 1)

  18. Dori Fiedler says:

    So proud of this group. You are making differences in these special kids lives. And for that we thank you!! Cole Fiedler SMA 1

  19. Way to go troop 452, YOU ROCK!!! So happy that another lucky SMA kid will be getting an Ipad!!!

  20. Paige Nixon says:

    I have an 8 1/2 year old daughter with Type II SMA. She in in the 2nd grade and keeps telling me she wants an IPad. She has very tiny hands and virtually no strength in them. The IPad would be the perfect solution as she only needs to touch it, not push buttons. She will be having her 9th birthday on 4th of July and I would love her to get this for her birthday. Please consider her for one of the IPad giveaways. I can assure you she would be greatful. She spends a LOT of time in the PICU at our hospital and this would be great for her to play games, etc. on while stuck in bed. Excitedly waiting to hear…

  21. Another great giveaway for sma kids. thanks to all the ebay sellers and GS Troop 452 in helping sma kids to reach the world.

  22. Madison Reed SMA 1 14yo

  23. kate madera says:

    The smiling faces of GS Troop 452 says it all!!! What a wonderful thing to do for the SMA Community.
    Vivianna type 2 age 6

  24. Thank you so much troop 452 for raising money for our SMA kids and for spreading the word about SMA ……SMA children all over the world can now have a chance at having an Ipad with your hard earned donation…..Thank you again GIRLS for touching an SMA child’s life forever may God Bless :-)
    Haylee Anne Hynes TYPE 1 SMA
    proudly 2.5 years old :-)
    Bowmanville Ontario

  25. WOW!!!!! Daisy Troop 452, you have warmed my heart and given me some HAPPY tears this morning as I read about your kindness in wanting to help SMA children, like my daughter Ally. SMA can be a tough disease to deal with at times, but it also has shown me soooooo much kindness and LOVE from family, friends and even strangers. A special thanks to the girls and parents and leaders of Troop 452 for making the world a better place and giving us hope for the future!

    Please enter Ally Krajewski – SMA Type 1 – 5 years old in the drawing for an IPad.
    Thanks a million!!!!

  26. Laurie McKeown says:

    Thanks Troop 452 what a great idea and very generous project! I hope you are so proud of yourselves and realize how much of a difference you can make in someone’s life!!!

    For the benefit of David Alvarez Type III Chicago IL

  27. What a wonderful thing for these girls to do. Thank you Troop 452!
    Billy Spiegel SMA 1, 10 years old

  28. Amanda Booth (Xander's mom) says:

    Thank you troop 452!!
    Xander Mcwalters age 4
    SMA type 1+

  29. I love this! Girl Scouts are such wonderful citizens…they really DO make the world a better place! :)

  30. Amy Horak says:

    Sydney Horak age 8
    SMA II

  31. Sølvi Beate Vindenes-Revheim says:

    WOW roop 452! I say Hi from my girl Isabel 2 yrs from Norway!

  32. daniela esmella says:

    Camila Reyes tiene SMA Tipo 1 , tiene 6 años y le encantaria el IPAD !!!! gracias =)

  33. This is awesome Troop 452! Lucy would like an iPad desperately!!!

  34. Dawna Seavers says:

    Great Job Troop 352. What a great opportunity for kids like me that does not have and ipad.

    YOU ROCK!!!!!

    Sara Seavers
    Type II SMA

  35. Andrea Lucas says:

    Alexa Marie Ivey. Type 1 age 2
    Daughter of Andrea Lucas and Adam Ivey
    Go Troop 452!!

  36. Kimberley Hatchard says:

    Way to go Troop 452!!! You guys are a dedicated group! Thank you!
    Kaitlyn Hatchard SMA 1

  37. Woot, woot Troop 452!! Kids helping kids – I LOVE it!!

    Kevin Schaefer
    Type II Sma

  38. Rozie McClay says:

    My daughter is a proud Girl Scout too! Thank you for your kindness Troop 452! Kiley McClay Type 2 SMA

  39. Angel Moore says:

    What a wonderful thing troop 452!!!!
    Entering for Hayden McIntyre.

  40. Caroline Lamont says:

    Daisy troop 452 You are amazing!! I am entering for my little friend Hayden McIntyre sma type 1 who is 11 years old, and is the most amazing kid on the planet. :) thank you! Daisy troop and Sophia’s cure foundation.

  41. Mary Young says:

    A huge shout out to troop 452, thanks for all you do..

  42. Beth Pruitt says:

    Great job troup 452! What great young ladies you are! We’d love to enter Dani, 7 yrs old, SMA type 1, into the IPAD drawing. Thanks!

  43. Thank you to SCF AND TROOP 452 for your incredible opportunity and generosity!! We would like to enter our daughter Aubriana Navarro SMA Type 1 (2 1/2 years old). Thank you!!

  44. Keep on making a difference, GS Troop 452!.:)
    Deirdre SMA Type 1 3.5 yrs old

  45. YEAH!!!
    Good Luck to all the kiddos in the drawing!

  46. What a wonderful, generous idea!! A huge thank you to troop 452 & SCF! I would like to enter our son, Nicholas Gustafson, in the drawing. Nicholas is type1/2 and he is almost three years-old.

  47. Awesomeness says:

    Go troop 452!!!!!! Good job!!!!!!!!!


  48. Awesomeness says:

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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