Happy Holiday’s

Its the Holiday season and we are super excited to celebrate Jackson’s first christmas and even more thrilled to celebrate Sophia’s second!!!! So much has been going on lately I think we have been feeling a bit overwhelmed and certain events in the past few weeks have left us extremely stressed out!!!!! But we will get through…….we have been working so hard non stop and we just need a little break, I was so happy last saturday to meet up with another amazing SMA Mom, It is so comforting to be around someone who just understands what your going through day in and day out, it was such a nice break!!! Thank you VINNY …….Sophia is feeling well and staying healthy….thank God…..we are planning on her Trach surgery to be around the end of March early April, we have been feeling like Sophia is ready for this, she tells us in her own way, at this point anytime we take the bipap mask off she immediately begins to desat and struggle, its so heartbreaking to see her like this, I hate it, and I can see she hates wearing the mask all the time so in her own little way my little girl has told me she is ready for the Trach……Vinny and I talk about how happy we will be when we will be able to see her little face again!! Its still new and scary but I have faith it will be alright!!!!! Sophia is loving Jackson more and more everyday, every morning after treatment I lay him in the bed with her and she just loves to look at him he is starting to roll now and she always laughs when he is rolling in the bed, makes my heart smile to watch them both look at each other…I also cannot believe that in about two months my little miracle will be two years old, I am so thankful for this blessing, and we will be planning a perfect party to celebrate this amazing day…stay tuned………….

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