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A few months back I emailed Summerlyn of Summerlyn Photography and asked her if she could stop by on Sophia’s Birthday to take some pictures, without blinking an eye she said YES!!! You may remember me talking about Summer, she is the amazing photographer who has photographed Sophia since she has been 7 days old!!! Thats right, Summer first starting working with us when my baby girl was 7 days old, sweet, innocent, before SMA, Since then I think we have adopted Summer or maybe she has adopted us, whatever it is, she is now part of the family whether she likes it or not…:) Since Sophia was born we have had several photoshoots and I cherish every single one of those pictures, Summer just has a knack for capturing those magical special moments we have with Sophia and now Jackson…..Every time she comes it is like an old friend has stopped by and we pick up where we left off, it doesn’t matter if 3 months or 6 months have passed we all just fall back into place as if a day hasn’t gone by…..Sophia loves seeing Summer and her camera, I think maybe its because she has been looking at that camera since she has been 7 days old and its like an old familiar friend, its amazing to watch, Sophia wont fuss she will stare right into the camera…my little model..:) Thank you is not a big enough word for how I feel about these special pictures and moments that Summer gives to us, she never acts like she is doing work when she comes and always makes us feel like she is enjoying every single minute as much as we are!!!! ┬áSo thank you Summer, for blessing us with your beautiful talent and loving our Sophia as much as we do….So without further adieu……Sophia Barbara’s second Birthday Photoshoot courtesy of Summerlyn Photography!!!!

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  1. Michelle O'Dwyer says:

    Beautiful, beautiful photos!

  2. Laurie McKeown says:

    Absolutely stunning!! Your family is so gorgeous!!!! Happy Birthday again Sophia!

  3. Teri Taylor says:

    These are beautiful. I love Jackson’s blue eyes!!!! And Sophia looks like the princess she is!

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