Christmas Tree

Christmas TreeSaturday night was very scary for us…Sophia had an awful plug and her oxygen saturations dropped as well as her heart rate, Vinny and I worked on her for an hour and were able to bring her back up, not sure if its teething or the RSV shot she got that day, or just this awful disease…..Sunday we kept Bi-Pap on for most of the day to be safe and Vinny went out to go get Sophia’s first Christmas tree, when Vinny brought it in the house she was very interested in this new thing in her living room…we brought her close to it so she could watch everything…Vinny and I wrapped the lights around and I had Sophia touch the bulb at the same time Vinny plugged them in so they all lit up, she was so excited to see all the lights….Then we brought out all our special ornaments and let her see them and touch them before we put them on the tree, she loved watching how the tree transformed before her eyes, It was such a special night I will never forget…

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