Christmas Magic…………

I love Christmas….I love the decorating, the music the baking…….and as a child one of my favorite parts about Christmas season was going to see Santa!!!! I never thought this would be possible with Sophia…until yesterday….another blessing about having her Trach…..We decided last minute to head on over to Hicks Nursery in Westbury, I heard they had a Santa with reindeer and an animated Christmas walk through. ┬áSo I dressed Sophia in her special “going to meet Santa outfit” and we all jumped in the Sophia-mobile and headed out…..Sophia knew we were going somewhere special, she was so vocal the whole way there…she is at an age now where she knows who Santa is and most important …what he does :)….We arrived and entered the Winter Wonderland, everything was decorated so beautifully and Sophia loved looking all around. Soon enough we came upon SANTA Claus ……He spotted Sophia and waved her over, he immediately got down on her level and asked her what she wanted for Christmas….she was in awe…she couldn’t believe she was meeting SANTA in person!!!!!!! Her little fingers moved up and down in excitement and she just beemed !!!! Santa adored Sophia and he already knew she has been a good girl all year, He wheeled her around and showed her the fish tanks and we soon moved onto Santa’s Reindeer Comet and Blitzen :) Then it was off to the animated Christmas walk through, with every step my heart smiled more and more by the time we left we were all on cloud nine….another amazing Sophia adventure tucked away in my heart!!!!!

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  1. What beautiful pictures. I love the family photo. I wish you and your family a very happy holiday season.

  2. Kayla Sniezek says:

    I almost broke down last week when I was shopping at the mall because I walking behind a little boy and his mother who were on their way to meet Santa Clause. I thought to myself that I will never have a picture of Ford with Santa. Now I hope that some day Ford will get to meet him!!! I am so glad that Sophia had so much fun!!!

  3. Michelle O'Dwyer says:

    What wonderful pictures, it looks like you all had a magical time! I am so glad Sophia got to meet Santa.

  4. Brian Apfel says:

    I love you guys! This made my day, thank you for taking the time to share : )

  5. meghan littlefield says:

    i love this – made me cry…

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