Christmas magic

I love love the holidays, ever since I was a little girl I loved every part about it. My whole life I could not wait to have children so I could teach them all the magic about Christmas. My mother was a wonderful “teacher” she always made the holidays beautiful, and let me tell you, you don’t need money to do so……we were so poor growing up, I remember one year we couldn’t even afford a tree, but that didn’t stop my mother she took all the christmas cards that people sent us and taped them on the wall in the shape of a Tree, she always talked about the meaning of Christmas, the baby jesus and we always sang christmas carolls together, we would leave out the milk and cookies for Santa and a carrot for the reindeer and my mother would stay up all night just to make sure we were sleeping before biting into those cookies and the carrot……She made everything beautiful, I have so many cherished memories of Christmas with my mother which makes this time of year bittersweet since she has since passed, I remember our last christmas together, My brothers and I took her home from the hospital since they told us the cancer had spread too far, we decorated the tree for the last time as a family and I asked my mother if she was afraid, she told me no because she had faith but she said she would miss me and miss seeing me have babies…….Now with my own babies I hope I am able to create the same Christmas magic that my mom always did for us, this year is so much fun since Sophia is a bit older and understands more, we always make sure she feels included and loved decorating the tree this year with her, we always take out every ornament and reminisce when we bought it and for who, we let Sophia touch and look at every one before we place it on the tree and with each one placed her eyes get wider and wider watching the tree come to life, Sophia is the Official Tree Lighter in our house and I love seeing the look on her face when the lights go on from her touch, this year we talked to her about Santa and even arranged for Santa to send her a personal email, when we showed it to her her eyes lit up and smiled every time he said her name, I love these moments and lock them tight away in my heart……Sophia is so special and precious to us and we are having so much joy teaching her about all the christmas magic!!!!

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