Another awesome giveaway!

We are so happy to announce another spectacular giveaway! So many families have joined together on so many campaigns that they believe in. The Get every SMA KID an IPAD campaign just keeps rolling! Our dear friends Sandy, Matt, Emily, Cashel and Allie are on a mission! The Gardner/Barber family chipped in last time to help raise enough money for our last Ipad giveaway……..and they didn’t stop there. Sandy recently used her Birthday wish on Facebook to raise enough money for another IPAD. Pretty awesome huh………..well……The Gardner/Barber family didn’t stop there either! This weekend in the blazing heat of Nevada they hosted a garage sale. It was 102 degrees outside but that was not going to stop them from hosting their event. It was an amazing day for SMA and when the money was finally counted they had raised enough money for yep……you guessed it another IPAD! The Gardner/Barber family have 2 type 1 children in Cashel and Alli and they know first hand just how much an IPAD changes the life of an SMA child. This family already has an IPAD of their own and have gone above and beyond for other families. The Sophia’s Cure Foundation is extremely thankful for the efforts of this amazing family.

So here it is! We are giving away another 2 SMA IPADS. They are the newest IPADS on the market and are 32 GB.

How to enter:

  • The child must have Spinal Muscular Atrophy and currently must not have an IPAD in the home.
  • You must comment on this blog on the Sophia’s Cure Foundation Website.
  • In your comment please mention your SMA Kids name and age
  • Entries will be accepted until Friday July 29th at 8pm eastern time
  • Winners will be drawn Saturday July 30th

Good Luck everyone we cannot wait to see who the winners are!

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Mom to beautiful Sophia.... SMA Type 1


  1. Emerson is 21 months and a type 2.

  2. Pam Pynenberg says:

    Mom of Caiden, age 3, SMA 2.

    • Pam Pynenberg says:

      Way to go Barber/Gardner Family & SCF. Not only do you raise money for SMA but you also bring awareness to the public about our children with SMA!! My Son Caiden Pynenberg is 3 years old and has SMA type 2. Always willing to go above and beyond:)
      We appreciate everything yo do!
      Pam Pynenberg

  3. Shellie Lopes says:

    WOW! How unbelievable our community is! Two more ipads for our kids who can benefit so very much from this so much! Thank you Sophia’s Cure Foundation and The Gardner/Barber family for this awesome opportunity.
    I would love to enter my SMA Type 1 Daughter Aubriana Navarro who is 2 1/2 years old who does not have an ipad yet. Thank you!

  4. Brooklynn is almost 3 1/2 years old and has SMA type II.

  5. Cortney trammell says:

    Ayden, SMA type I…five years old July 14!!!!

  6. Thanks to all who are helping so many kids with SMA!!
    Casey and Colin got to spend some time with an ipad and they are in love with it! Please enter Casey and Colin, SMA type 1, in the drawing.

  7. Father to Grace, type 1 age 7 months. Loves my android…she d freak over an ipad.

  8. Stephanie says:

    Sarah age 14 SMA type 1

  9. Emily Picou says:

    Wow! Our SMA Family never ceases to amaze me! Aubrey Picou, SMA Type I, 9 years old! Thanks, SGF and The Gardner/ Barber Family.

  10. I am the mother to beautiful Abrianna. She is 9 months and has sma type 1.

  11. Stacie Edwards says:

    Thank you fundraisers!! Please enter Hunter (age 7) and Cody (age 4) into the drawing. Our household does not have an IPad. :-)

  12. my daughter is Alli Williams 6mos old with type 1 sma. we dont have an ipad in our house. shes little now but in the next month or two i think she could use it (and would love it) :)

  13. Our little diva is Deirdre(Deedee), SMA Type 1, 3 yr old (4 in August 17). No iPads in this household, wishing for one! :)

  14. Deja Dewberry says:

    God bless you guys IPads are very expensive and they do help SMA kids because of the light touch.
    My daughter name is Kiyana and she is 2 years old please enter her name into the drawing, she needs one for OT and school, and speech.

    God Bless

  15. Liz Dutzy says:

    Amira George is a two year old with SMA type 2. We would love an IPAD! Thanks SCF and Cashel and Allie’s family!!

  16. Tim George says:

    Arturo George is a six year old with SMA type 2. He would love an IPAD and he promises to share it with his sister if he wins! :o)

  17. Madisyn is 3 years old and has type 1

  18. you guys rock AGAIN 😉
    Haylee Hynes 2 ALMOST 3 years old SMA type 1

  19. Thank you so much for shakin’ and movin’ things for a cure! I pray every day for one to come! And send strength and light to all SMAs. SMA 3 adult 😉 big kid :-)

  20. Thank you GArdner?BArber family for thinkng of the kids and raising money for 2 Ipads that will open the world up to them. Madison Reed SMA 1

  21. Corinna is my daughter with SMA type 1. She would absolutely lose her mind over an ipad2. Computers are her life. Loves to skype others, and loves her itunes!

  22. kara tarrence says:

    Addison is 4 yrs old and has SMA type 3. She would absolutely love an iPad! Thank you!!

  23. Dawna Seavers says:

    Sara is 11 and we do not have IPad in our home. With so many hospital stays it has been impossible to get her one. Thanks for all you do.

  24. Terri NIchols says:

    Destiny 8 – SMA I/II

  25. Stephanie Barnett says:

    Gavin is 5 yrs old, SMA type 1.

  26. Kelly Hargrave says:

    Thanks SCF & Gardner/Barber family! My daughter Micah is 9, Type II.

  27. yasmin tem 1,9 meses sma tipo 1

  28. Yasmin will be there too! :)

  29. Cristina Figueira says:

    Hello! My daughter Inês will make three years, also has spinal muscular atrophy type 1.
    I want to thank you that people who think of our children, who believe it is very important for our children to have a good quality of life.
    Ines has no IPAD, I’ve seen a video of Sophia with her and found it wonderful.
    I do not know if Agnes can compete, because we live far away … but it does not hurt to try.

    Thanks for people like you exist …

    • Cristina Figueira says:

      Hello! My daughter Inês will make three years, also has spinal muscular atrophy type 1.
      I want to thank you that people who think of our children, who believe it is very important for our children to have a good quality of life.
      Ines has no IPAD, I’ve seen a video of Sophia with her and found it wonderful.
      I do not know if Inês can compete, because we live far away … but it does not hurt to try.

      Thanks for people like you exist …

  30. christopher walters says:

    Sawyer Ament, type I, age: 20 months. we’re on our 3rd hospital stay, day 7

  31. Kari Vondrak says:

    Kennedi Vondrak, age 6, type 2. It’s wonderful news that families are willing to help out other families – we are so very thankful for others’ support.

  32. Kari Vondrak says:

    Jaycie Vondrak, age 4, type 2. Very gracious of other families to help out and support other SMA families. Thank you!

  33. Kari Vondrak says:

    Bentley Vondrak, age 21 months, type 2. Very thankful for other families willing to help out with other SMA families. Thank you!

  34. Kayla Sniezek says:

    This is just the greatest thing I have ever heard of. Another sma family told me about this. We appreciate everything the sma community does to help our kids, Please enter Ford Sniezek age 10 months who has SMA type 1. We have seen many vidoes of other sma kids playing with their ipads and it seems to me that it just opens a whole new world for our kids to play and become independent! Thank you again

  35. Rozie McClay says:

    So exciting! Thank you for all your amazing work! Kiley McClay, SMA 2, 9 years old. :-)

  36. Autumn Persinger is my daughter. She is 6, SMA II, and very bright. This would help her so much. Thank you to families for their generosity.

  37. Karen L. Jones says:

    I would like to enter my daughter Dana Jones, 13 years old, SMA II and my son Danny, 11 years old Type II as a shared entry. Thank you for all you do…..:)

  38. Mary Evans says:

    Thank you for all your great work and support! I would like to enter my daughter, Cassandra Evans, SMA type 1; age 7. She doesn’t currently have one and I have been hearing great things about our kids doing so well with the IPAD.
    I would love to receive one for her. Thanks again!

  39. Kate Madera says:

    Thank you Gardner/Barber family and SCF. What wonderful gifts. Vivianna type 2 age 6.

  40. Mencía says:

    Congratulations! It is amazing to see what you are achieving..
    Mencía and Álvaro are my beautiful children both SMA type II. Mencía is 2.5 years old and Álvaro is turning 15 months this week. Of course they could share the same ipad!!
    thank you and please send my love to Sophia and all her family.

  41. Maritza Franqui says:

    My little angel, Carlos De Leon Charluisant are SMA type I. He have 4 years old and love IPAD.

  42. Cory Jacobson says:

    My name is Cory and I would like to nominate myself in this drawing. I’m 21 years old and have SMA type II. Winning an iPad would be incredible! Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job at raising the money to give away an iPad to the lucky recipient!

  43. I didn’t know that there was so many SMA children!!!! Very motovational!!!

  44. A kazillion thanks for offering such a wonderful opportunity to SMA children. Alex Marshall is 12 1/2 years old and has Type II SMA. He will have his spinal fusion surgery on September 12.

  45. Thanks sooooooooooooooooooooooo much to ALL those who have made another give away possible. We would love for a chance for Ally to win an ipad. Ally Krajewski – 5 years old – Type 1 SMA.

  46. Mary Young says:

    My daughter Angel has SMA type 1 and she is almost 2 and she would love to have one, she is always trying to learn and get into new things. It is a great thing that you all are doing, I hope one day, I can give back to children with SMA, it makes you feel good that so many that have helped us and that alone is such a true blessings, please continue to keep up the great work and Thank you for all that you all have already done..

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