Amazing Night at The Calhoun High School Talent Show!

The other night we received a phone call from Lauren Rosen. Lauren Rosen is the mom of Robbie Rosen. Many if not all of our followers know about Robbie. The entire Rosen family has become very near and dear to our family. Mrs. Rosen and I were talking on the phone and said she had a surprise… A surprise?????????? What more could this family have done I wondered. They have already done so much!!!! I am forever grateful for their efforts and their friendship. Well Mrs. Rosen says” There is a talent show at Calhoun high School tomorrow night, and Robbie has asked that half the proceeds go to SMA”. I was speechless…I felt a lump in my throat. We are talking about a 16 year old high school student here. Robbie could be thinking about fast cars and partying at his age….. But he wasn’t………………..He was thinking about Sophia and helping her disease.

At 7 pm I met the Rosen’s at Calhoun High School. Calhoun High School is known as a “Magnet School” drawing kids in from outside the typical school zone who excel in performing arts. After waiting on a long line to get into the auditorium, I was immediately impressed…… reminded me of a Broadway Theatre. Our seats were in the front rows, I could tell this was going to be an amazing night….

The hosts came out to start the show. I was anticipating the first act and a brief introduction to what they would be performing. I was incredibly moved by what I was hearing…… The host went into an introduction on Spinal Muscular Atrophy. The facts on the disease and a little story on Sophia, the Foundation and the youtube video. They announced that Sophia’s dad was in the audience and if I could please stand up so the audience could recognize me. It was very moving and I was very touched by the gesture……. This was Robbie…. He set all this up…..what an amazing young man!

As the show started I quickly realized just how talented these kids were! In the first few sets there was a mix of comic relief, singing, and dancing. The third performer quickly connected me back to Sophia. Jacob sang “Hallelujah” and did a great job. His performance of the song reminded me of home, when I lay next to Sophia and we watch the movie Shrek together. It was an unexpected surprise for me. The next few acts included some Arabian dance, a rendition of the song “King of Anything” and the Evolution of dance performed by the Calhoun Teachers that was hysterical!!!! There was such an eclectic mix of music which included some R&B. A young woman by the name of Asia sang the song “Bust your windows” and I could certainly relate to the emotions of that song in my own life……lol. Robbie’s first performance was with the Assistant principal Mr. Hinson. Robbie played the piano and Mr. Hinson sang “If You’re Out There”. All I can say is WOW….. Mr. Hinson had an incredible voice, it was amazing. The next act was Jessie in full costume doing a Step Dance. Then came out Robbie for his solo……. and I just cannot speak enough about this kids talent. Robbie sang another original that he wrote himself. The song “Take Me Home”. His performance brought out emotion in the words and he really showed his incredible range in this song. The next set included Robbie again!!!!!! Robbie played the piano while Ian sang “Ordinary People”. Once again it was a great performance. One thing was clear, these kids really shoot for the stars and choose some difficult songs to sing and they all nailed it! There were a few more acts and the show ended with a performance by the Teacher Band!

It was an amazing night for me in so many ways. It raised a lot of awareness for our disease Spinal Muscular Atrophy… It raised money for our SMA community….. and on a personal level it gave me an escape for a few hours. In a life that at times can be challenging and stressful, I was able to relax, have fun, laugh a bit, and reminisce about high school and being a kid! It’s so funny to me that it literally feels like yesterday that I was in High School!

Thank you Calhoun High School! The Sadd and Key Club, the Rosen Family and especially Robbie. I thoroughly enjoyed the event and was honored to have been included in such a wonderful night!

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