A Thank You

I really want to take this time to thank all of our friends and family who have been so understanding about us keeping Sophia Quarantined…..it is so hard for us not to want to bring Sophia out and show her off and pass her around for everyone to Love and Hold, but unfortunately this is not meant to be…at least for now, it is so important for us to keep Sophia Healthy!!!!!!I know everyone knows this but I also want everyone to know I know it is hard on you also ……. Sophia has 4 Aunts Terry, Suzanne, Melissa and Joanne who she has only seen maybe once or twice, She has three Uncles Ed and Mike and Chris and she has 2 Grandpas and two Grandmas, I show her pictures often and speak about all the family that love her so very much and pray for her everyday, So thank you all for being understanding and I pray everyday that we will all be laughing together soon with my beautiful Sophia!!!!!!!!

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