Robbie Rosen – American Idol

We are so excited for our friend Robbie Rosen who was on American Idol Last night and has made it to the Hollywood rounds. You may remember Robbie, a few months ago we told you about this amazing 16 year old kid from our town who heard about Sophia over a year ago and was so touched he wrote the SMA Anthem “Make it Through” in less than 24 hours to help us spread sma awareness. Robbie is not only an amazing vocalist but a wonderful kid and we wish him nothing but the best. We really hope you all … [Read more...]

Loving Sophia’s Arm Slings

A few weeks ago Vinny had written a Facebook post asking for information on Arm Slings. We can do alot here but neither of us can sew. Slings are so helpful for SMA kids, it helps them do so many things they normally may not be able to....Sophia can use her IPAD almost independently while in her slings.... We were so happy by the responses we received of many families offereing to help make them for us. We received two wonderful packages, one came from Teri (Cash's Grandma). She made Sophia the … [Read more...]

July 23, 2011 – 2nd Annual Avery’s Race to Cure SMA

The Wonderful Pitzen Family is at it again! The 2nd Annual Avery’s Race to CURE SMA is set for Saturday July 23rd, 2011. This year it will be held at the Lancaster fairgrounds. In AIR CONDITIONING! The walk and rubber duck race will still be outside though. The walk will loop down through the park to the creek for the duck race then continue back to the fairgrounds for the auctions,food,games and fun! Hope to see you there! Last Years event raised a whopping $20,000! Way to go Avery! … [Read more...]

Hope for SMA Gala

I had the incredible opportunity of working with the Inspiring Prendiz Family on the Hope for SMA Gala. The Prendiz family organized the entire event and the night could not have been more perfect. The Hope for SMA Gala was held in memory of beautiful SMA Angel Hannah Rose on her second birthday. The event was held to bring HOPE for all of the families who have lost a child to SMA and to the families who currently are living with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Dr Brian Kaspar was in attendance and … [Read more...]

“Momma Love” by Ali Smith

I am sitting here on my couch my makeup has smeared, my eyes are swollen, there is a slight lump in my throat, Ali Smith has just left my home....she came to spend the morning with Sophia and I to take pictures and interview me for a book she is working on called MOMMA LOVE.....this was more to me than a photo shoot, Long after the pictures were taken... Ali and I quietly went into Sophia's room and sat on the bed like "girlfriends" ready for a chat session......she quietly placed her recorder … [Read more...]

January 18, 2011 – Prendiz Family’s Fundraising SMA Gala in LA, California

Please dont forget to check out this amazing event, or consider being a sponsor, The Prendiz family is working on a fundraising charity Gala to help Cure SMA. Please click here to learn more about The Gala and the Prendiz Family and their journey with SMA. When we stand together and share information, our voices will be heard loud and clear. Miracles do Happen, Lets make one!!!!!! Featured images of Hannah and her mommy, Jessica. For more info about Hannah or the Gala, please … [Read more...]

What’s Sophia been up to

Making Christmas cookies....thats right, I made Christmas cookies with my little girl. I know it doesnt sound like alot, but ever since having Sophia I had all these dreams of doing so many things with her, and when SMA entered our lives I felt all my dreams were stollen.....well everyday Sophia has taught me that she can do anything.....and Vinny and I learn everyday how to adapt the world for Sophia. I loved every second of it, watching her watch all the ingredients go into the bowl, pushing … [Read more...]

Christmas magic

I love love the holidays, ever since I was a little girl I loved every part about it. My whole life I could not wait to have children so I could teach them all the magic about Christmas. My mother was a wonderful "teacher" she always made the holidays beautiful, and let me tell you, you don't need money to do so......we were so poor growing up, I remember one year we couldn't even afford a tree, but that didn't stop my mother she took all the christmas cards that people sent us and taped them on … [Read more...]

Happy Holiday’s

Its the Holiday season and we are super excited to celebrate Jackson's first christmas and even more thrilled to celebrate Sophia's second!!!! So much has been going on lately I think we have been feeling a bit overwhelmed and certain events in the past few weeks have left us extremely stressed out!!!!! But we will get through.......we have been working so hard non stop and we just need a little break, I was so happy last saturday to meet up with another amazing SMA Mom, It is so comforting to … [Read more...]

December 12, 2010 – Running for Getty Owl

We are also so Happy to be teaming up with Rici Reid, an amazing mom who read about another SMA Kid Baby Getty. Rici has decided to run a half marathon in honor of sweet Getty and help raise research dollars for Sophia's Cure Foundation, please consider sponsoring her here. … [Read more...]

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