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This past weekend at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Hospital they had SMA EDUCATION DAY for Parents and caregivers, headed up by the amazing SMA PULMONOLOGIST DR. MARY SCHROTH. Dr. Schroth never ceases to amaze me in her constant efforts to bring SMA clinical care to the next level. While we are all pushing along promising research to treat and or cure SMA, she is keeping our kids healthy and up to date on all the clinical information for SMA!!! Unfortunately we were not able to attend … [Read more...]


August is SMA AWARENESS month, and Sophia's Cure along with so many other SMA organizations works so hard to teach more and more people about Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA),  we have always believed we all can accomplish more by working together, "A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality."  So we want to make sure all our supporters know about the amazing events going on this month and beyond that support SMA. These events spread from the East coast to the … [Read more...]

Take Some Sunshine Vitamin!

It is hard to imagine with the intense summer heat that fall and winter will soon be here, and along with it all those nasty winter germs.  Although Krista was home-schooled, I always dreaded the start of each new school year because I knew it was only a matter of time before her siblings would be bringing home all sorts of respiratory bugs. In my quest to keep the entire family healthy, I became interested in reading and learning about Vitamin D3. It seems that this vitamin isn’t just a … [Read more...]

Wisconsin…..close friends, Spotted Cow and Cheese Curds

We returned Monday night from our incredible vacation. To be honest this past week we have spent absorbing the events of the week before. When we left Ohio we could not have imagined anything comparing to that experience but Wisconsin was so amazing in it's own right. So many things have changed for Sophia. Just last year we took the same trip to see Dr Schroth in Madison. We had to break up the drive and stop every 5 hours or so because it was tough on Sophia. We would see her become irritable … [Read more...]

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