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Wonderful things

Sophia’s Cure Foundation has had some wonderful fundraisers going on in the past months. We would like to thank all the families who have reached out to us wanting to support and who believe in our small organization. When Vinny and I first discussed starting a foundation in honor of Sophia, we knew the two most important things to us was funding research that was based on CURING SMA and helping SMA Families. Thank you to the following organizations and families for their generous … [Read more...]


As you can see we are currently updating our website, hopefully all will be finished shortly. Sophia has been doing well, we had sophia's birthday party on May 29 and all our family and friends came out to celebrate our little miracle, the day couldn't have been better, the weather was perfect and Sophia was so interested to meet all these new people. Thank you so much to the amazing Summerlyn of Summerlyn photography for coming out to take shots of everything. I cant wait to get all the pics. … [Read more...]

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