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Sophia is going to be a Big Sister

We were very surprised to learn in December that we were expecting another baby. Today after an incredibly trying 8 weeks we found out our baby boy is healthy. We went through such a gauntlet of emotions. We certainly did not want to put another child through what Sophia goes through on a daily basis. At times I felt as if I was almost cheating on Sophia. I also cannot fathom loving another child as much as I love my daughter. I am truly so thankful, for this sma community. None of us want to … [Read more...]

Sophia 11 months

My beautiful Baby girl turned 11 months today. Against all odds and her diagnosis she is thriving and is such a happy baby. She smiles everyday and continues to fight fight fight. What sustains her is a steady diet of Love. We will continue to fill her with love every second of every day. Thank you everyone for your support of the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation we were able to achieve the impossible. A foundation run by 2 parents in their home was able to compete against the largest … [Read more...]

The Human Spirit

We received a letter on SophiasCure from a 9 year old girl who read Sophia's Story and was instantly touched by it, I have to tell you this letter made me cry, it amazes me how this 9 year old girl became so determined to help my baby girl....She is simply is her letter.. Dear Vincent and Catherine, I'm writing to you on 12/28/09.I found out about Sophia's cure when me and my stepdad were at a pizza place.I almosted cried!I just wanted to say,I've been tring to let EVEYBODY know … [Read more...]

A new year

Our computer crashed on us so I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while, Sophia is doing so well these last few weeks, we had an amazing Christmas though we were by ourselves (the three musketeers) we enjoyed every bit of it, I loved watching my baby girl's face light up as I opened her gifts and showed her, sometimes she was more interested in the bow than the gift. She is the light in our lives and I will never forget this Christmas, my Sophia's first Christmas..... … [Read more...]

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