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A few weeks ago we took Sophia to the pumpkin patch, we had fun, but we were very nervous, she was not feeling 100% that day but I think she had fun looking at the pumpkins!!!!! Also after she had a nice bath and we wrapped her in her favorite Elmo towel!!!!! … [Read more...]

A Thank You

I really want to take this time to thank all of our friends and family who have been so understanding about us keeping Sophia is so hard for us not to want to bring Sophia out and show her off and pass her around for everyone to Love and Hold, but unfortunately this is not meant to least for now, it is so important for us to keep Sophia Healthy!!!!!!I know everyone knows this but I also want everyone to know I know it is hard on you also ....... Sophia has 4 Aunts … [Read more...]

Mepham High School………Sophia class of 2027

Barbara Gay a teacher at Mepham High School has organized a walk for this friday October 16 to raise money for Sophia's Cure, 300 students have signed up to walk for Sophia's Cure....My heart is so touched by all the people young and old coming together in our community to support my daughter, Barbara informed my husband that all the students have been making posters and buttons and T-shirts. Some of the posters say "Sophia class of 2027" and they have been plastering them all over...students … [Read more...]

Vinnys Birthday…..Fall

Yesterday was Vinny's Birthday and we had such a nice time, Sophia took her "Happy Birthday pics" for her daddy and had fun dressing up, when Vinny came home from work he opened up his cards and presents and we sang Happy Birthday.... Today the wind was blowing everywhere and all the leaves are starting to fall so since Sophia is feeling better we went outside on the deck and she had so much fun watching the trees blow and all the leaves swirling around.... … [Read more...]

Sophia is sick

Sophia had a plug on monday and again yesterday, we took her to the pulmonologist on tuesday and they said her throat was red, and may have a virus.....she has no fever and a chest xray showed her lungs are clear.....but she has to stay on bi-pap for most of the day now till she is better....she is still very smiley so I am hoping this isnt too bad, we have her antibiotics just to make sure it doesnt turn into anything else....I hate seeing her like this and hope she starts feeling better … [Read more...]

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